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Raw kicks off with Randy Orton’s 20th anniversary celebration

Riddle was in the ring and the Raw roster was surrounding him.

Riddle played a video package from Orton. It started with his debut victory over Hardcore Holly on Smackdown 20 years ago and spanned his career. Orton said that he has been having a lot of fun because his partner is fun to be around and it has rekindled his passion.

Orton told him, “I love you, man.” They embraced. Orton said that the fans have always supported him in everything and that he loved them all too.
Riddle had a surprise for Orton: a man who looked up to Orton and once considered him a friend. Riddle introduced Cody Rhodes. Rhodes hugged Orton.

Ezekiel interrupted. As a newer Superstar, he wanted to introduce himself to Orton. Kevin Owens came out of the crowd and accused Ezekiel of being a liar. The Usos exited.

Adam Pearce then announces an eight man match. Rollins, Owens and the Usos against Rhodes, Ezekiel, Riddle and Orton.

Owens dropped Ezekiel, so Orton dropped Owens with an RKO.

Glenn Jacobs was shown talking to Bianca Belair in the back.

Bianca Belair defeated Sonya Deville to retain the Raw Women’s Championship. Carmella and Queen Zelina came out to help Sonya but it wasn’t enough.

Carmella and Zelina argued in the back until they were interrupted by Deville, who slapped both of them.

Veer Mahaan defeated Sam Smothers

Arm Wrestling Match: Bobby Lashley defeated Omos. Omos then attacked him with the table.

Tamina & Akira Tozawa defeated Dana Brooke & Reggie

Becky Lynch comes out and says she no longer has an address. She was about to drop the mic, but she realized that being at the bottom meant there was only one way to go, she would topple Belair and be champion forever because no one could stop her.

Asuka walked in to a huge reaction. Asuka told Lynch, “I’ll stop you. Because no one is ready for Asuka.” Asuka twitched Lynch’s nose. Lynch landed a punch on Asuka, Asuka ducked and punched back, but Lynch was able to walk away.

Damian Priest defeated Finn Bálor. Edge watched from his throne on the stage.

Miz TV with his guest Theory

Theory said that he admired Miz and planned to live up to his standards. Mustafa Ali interrupted.

Ali wondered if Theory was all biceps and no balls. Ali said Theory was running away from a fight like he was The Miz. Theory had texted McMahon who made a match between Miz and Ali. Miz was not happy.
Mustafa Ali defeated The Miz

As Ali posed on stage, Tommaso Ciampa appeared out of nowhere and knocked him down.

Schreiber interviewed Rhea Ripley. Ripley said that she finally opened her eyes. Liv Morgan barged in and attacked Ripley until the officers quickly separated them.

In the star, Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel, Randy Orton and Riddle on Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and The Usos when Orton distributes RKos until reaching the final planche. Orton celebrates as the main focus to end the show.

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