Yelena Belova creators accuse Marvel of defaulting on their payments

Building a successful film empire is no easy feat. Along the way, the creators and producers will encounter a host of obstacles, from public issues with the cast to internal issues over handling the proposal and how it needs to evolve to keep fans’ attention. After several setbacks and separating their rights between renowned producers, Marvel managed to consolidate one of the most important universes today. Unfortunately, this has also given space to talk about the injustices that are committed within their own system and how it affects, especially, the creators of comics. The most recent example of this was with the character of Yelena (Florence Pugh), who was first introduced in Black Widow – 87% and it didn’t take long to become one of the favorites.

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Black Widow It was always a very complicated project within the UCM. On the one hand, his arrival felt too late and like poor compensation for respectfully firing Scarlett Johansson, who for years was sorely misused within the franchise. On the other hand, the tape worked well with the fans of the character, who found here a more complete closure than what we saw in Avengers: Endgame – 95%. Additionally, the prequel also served to introduce new characters, with Yelena receiving the title for the new generation.

Florence Pugh was universally acclaimed for her performance, which came just at the height of her career recognition, and was even more appreciated after her appearance in the last few episodes of Hawkeye – 87%, where her chemistry with Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) fascinated and intrigued viewers who want to see more of the two in action. Despite these strengths, Black Widow It was not without controversy and the famous Johansson lawsuit brought to the table one of the most unpleasant aspects of the company.

The demand for this type of film is still very high and the response from the public is better than ever. That is why some actors, who also play the role of producers, decide to make very specific contracts to improve their payments. In this way, they can receive a specific salary, but also juicy profits thanks to the success of a film on the world billboard. The pandemic wreaked havoc on these types of plans and the actress decided to take action when she saw her payment reduced by the company’s decision to brand new Black Widow on Disney+ earlier than expected.

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But the actors are not the most affected by this. The Hollywood Reporter published an investigation into the cheating Marvel uses to renege on agreed payments that go into the pockets of comic book creators. The information reveals that Devin Grayson, creator of Yelena Belova; Y J. G. Jonesillustrator, did not receive what was promised for the use of their character in Black Widow. The deal was that each would take US$25,000 for Yelena’s appearance in the film, an amount agreed in a contract on the use of these creations in film, television and even for toys and action figures. However, when they received their payment in November, they saw the salary reduced to US$5,000.

The catch is that Marvel splits the total between illustrator and creator, and also has a special price clause when using more than one character protected by the Special Character Agreement in the same movie, further dividing the money, possibly between the creators. by Red Guardian (David Harbour) and Melina (Rachel Weisz). Jones explained:

Having spoken to various creators, Marvel’s financial offers seem a bit like bait and switch. They ship a large amount and then gradually reduce the actual payment.

Another way Marvel cuts money is by considering certain appearances as cameos. According to them, a cameo is when a character appears in less than 15% of the duration of the film. Under these parameters, Bucky (Sebastian Stan) is considered a cameo in Captain America: Civil War – 90% despite being one of the most important characters in history.

In the end, things with the protagonist were resolved well and both parties reached a fair agreement that benefited them, also allowing Johansson to maintain a good relationship that will help her in her new stage as a Marvel producer. Unfortunately, these types of agreements are not reflected for other parties that are less public and well-known: the creators, writers and illustrators of comics themselves. With so much success, it seems that Marvel sometimes forgets that its entire universe began on paper and that those who work here have been mistreated for years. Sure, the figure of Stan Lee was always highly respected, but what about those who followed, keep the comics going and have helped lay the groundwork for the new Phase of the MCU?

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