Yolanda Andrade reveals the greatest betrayal she suffered from a former partner

Yolanda Andrade / Mexico Agency

Yolanda Andrade / Mexico Agency

The presenter Yolanda Andrade is recognized in the artistic environment for her sincerity when talking about personal issues, especially love.

In a chat with the journalist Alejandro Zúñiga, Andrade confessed that he experienced the worst betrayal during one of his romances.

The driver was honest after Zúñiga published a video of the artist’s girlfriends, and after commenting that some were missing to be mentioned, the also actress revealed that one of them completely lied when announcing their breakup.

As you may recall, Melissa Galindo, who was a participant in La Voz, began dating Andrade, but months later the end of their romance was confirmed in a magazine. assuring that everything was due to infidelity on the part of Galindo with Alejandro Gou, renowned theatrical producer.

However, Yolanda pointed out that the real reason for her breakup with Galindo was because her ex-partner sold a photo to a show publication in which they both appear kissing, and although this fact would not currently have anything relevant, at that time she was still considered a controversial situation.

Melissa Galindo and Yolanda Andrade / Agencia México

Melissa Galindo and Yolanda Andrade / Mexico Agency

“Do you know what a famous person must feel with that betrayal? That your partner sell the photo, which at that time was a very morbid photo at the end of the day, “said Alejandro.

Given this action by Melissa, the presenter ended up looking for her to “clear her name”, so the singer decided to sell the news of her breakup again, but hiding the real reason and ensuring that it had only been infidelity.

It was in this way that Montserrat Oliver’s close friend and ex-partner revealed the secret of the betrayal and the reason for his thunder with Melissa Galindo, whom he considers the worst experience of his life.


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