“You are trash,” Osimhen exploded at Agent Kwara.

The spokesman said in an interview that Africa’s new Ballon d’Or will leave champions Italy this summer for Saudi Arabia.

Nigerian Victor Osimhenbefore Naplesexploded against the agent of his Georgian partner, Khvicha Kvaratskheliawho assured that this summer the African will leave the Partenope team and go to Saudi Arabia despite the fact that he renewed his contract a few weeks ago.

Former Georgian football player Mamuka Dzhugeli, current agent ‘Kvara’, stated in an interview with Georgian media’Sport1 Georgia‘that’s brand new Golden Ball This summer the African will abandon the Italian champion and go to Saudi Arabia.

“He signed a new contract, but do you really think he will play for the national team? Naples throughout your career? I’m saying it now: he will play Saudi Arabia in the summer,” Dzhugeli said.

Some words that didn’t go well with Osimhen what, concentrated with Nigeria dispute African Cup– he replied on his social networks.

“Dear Dzhugeli, you are trash. I’m ashamed of your reasoning, idiot. Keep my name a secret,” he wrote on Instagram.

Dzhugeli also assured in the same interview that “Kvara” would never agree to go to Arabia, as he said he would do. Osimhen this summer because the Georgian wants to play in Europe.

“He Naples increased Osimhen’s contract, but Khvicha I would not agree to a transfer to Saudi Arabia even if he were offered a billion euros. I would probably agree to play with him Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona or Manchester. Khvicha “He has a different will and goals: he wants to succeed and is already achieving it,” he noted.

“Those who understand football will agree with me that Kvaratskhelia It has no limits and can only improve. I have been in contact with many clubs, but will De Laurentiis let him go? At the moment we have a contract. Khvicha is an exceptional player and is one of the top three players in the world. “No team would turn down the idea of ​​him being on the team,” he said.

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