“You have to be above this. Let them beat you!”

This Tuesday, Spain reached the final of Euro 2024. The national team beat France 2-1, with goals from Lamine Yamal and Dani Olmo. Apart from the obvious euphoria, The match left a curious impression with the participation of Alvaro Morata.security agent and spontaneous.

Critical view delved into this at the start of his appearance on Wednesday. Cristina Cañedo from Munich described the scene: “If there was one thing we didn’t expect, it was the security officer entering Mora.” As the correspondent noted after the meeting, The agent accidentally hit an Atletico Madrid player with his knee.

This happened when a man in a Turkish shirt “The fool,” according to Ana Terradillos, ran onto the pitch to take a “selfie” with the Spanish national team players. A security guard tried to push him away with a sharp movement, but was so unlucky that he knocked Alvaro down.

At the moment, “Serious injury” to mattress player’s knee cannot be ruled out although the prognosis is improving slightly as time goes on, we will have to wait for the official medical report to know if the forward will be fit to take part in the grand final next Sunday, July 14.

As the Telecinco program reminds us, Morata faces a tough Eurocup. The player faces a lot of criticism every day for the level he shows on the playing field. to the point that his partner Alice Campello stood up for him online.

Cristina Cañedo and Ana Terradillos in the film “Critique of the World”

Mediaset Spain

Campello stressed that “You can’t demand maximum performance if you’re meme fodder.” It should be noted that this may be the last time Alvaro wears the La Roja shirt. After examining Alice’s claims, the Mediaset morning program stopped communicating with Cañedo, and Terradillos took the opportunity to defend the athlete and his family.

Critical view She is with him and his wife Alice. To hell with all those who sit on the nets! You have to be above them, because otherwise… And especially in such a situation, they only have two weeks to risk it all,” the host of the format created by Unicorn Content very convincingly concluded.

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