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A coach is nothing without his team.. Especially in these times when group management has become as important as tactical details, analysis of opponents or the physical preparation of each team. And control the environment, the one that Xavi always complained about and called “the most difficult in the world.” Trusting the person next to you is the basis, and in this Hansi Flick will have to reinvent himself at Barcelona. He took two people he trusts such as goalkeeper coach Tony Tapalovic and assistant Markus Sorgbut it lacks two main legs.

The rest of the lineup will be announced in the coming days. who will accompany Flick during his stay in Barcelona. The German draws up a profile of who will be his squires. It remains to be seen how the medical team led by Ricard Prune, as well as the physiotherapist and rehabilitation team, will be restructured, given that with Xavi’s help the club closed the recruitment of Raul Martinez and Julio. Us for the next course. It remains to be seen whether Egarense’s arrival will continue after Egarense’s departure.

“The iPad that distracted Flick”

Danny Roehl will be one of the absenteesThese are the most famous members of Flick’s coaching staff. Röhl is a young student of the game who trained in Leipzig and Birmingham as well as He was his right-hand man both at Bayern and the German national team.. At 35, right now He is the manager of Sheffield Wednesday. in the Championship after going on a solo adventure. And so he wants to continue. “It was very important for him in the video analysis and also on the field. It can be replaced, but Hansi needs people he can trust. It will be interesting to see who works with him,” explains one of the former players contacted by Relevo, who knows the German coach’s circle and works well.

If his work at Bayern was appreciated, AndThe German team drew more criticism for his too interventionist figure. Former footballer Memet Scholl, a Bayern historian, put it this way in the documentary All or Nothing: “I think Flick At the World Championships, he went crazy because of his student assistant coach (Röhl), who was constantly distracting his iPad.. “Hansi lost count a little because he trusted the wrong person,” he commented. This opinion spread throughout the German country.

Tok, yes, it is now was tempered by Sheffield trainer’s good championship, who signed a new contract and dazzled the organization after leading the team without a win. Even Flick went to visit his old partner in March of this year, although they went their separate ways. “He always manages to find the right words for the right players.. This is a very special moment. You can’t treat every player the same. “It’s the coach’s art to find the core: Where can I connect emotionally with the player he’s commented on?” Kicker current Sheffield coach.

The importance of Klose in the Bayern sextet

“Interest Ask. Who will help him now? – explains one of the journalists who knows Bayern better than anyone. And he releases the second of the irreplaceable ones during his stay in Munich, Miroslav Klosewho was responsible for “shared his experience as a recent player and even knew the players”. After Flick left Bayern, the top scorer in World Cup history, he was diagnosed with thrombosis. “I was prescribed almost complete rest. I can’t run, I can’t swim, but, most importantly, I can’t play football… I almost went crazy,” he commented. Kicker.

Klose was the capital. Flick believes in the figure of the former player to help him manage the team and also, in the case of Klose, shares a dressing room with many of them both at Bayern and in Germany. The striker spent one season at Bayern (2020-2021).. They have a very close and friendly relationship with Flick. They knew each other from the time they played in the national team.. They trust each other both personally and professionally. “I had a great time with this brilliant team and it was a lot of fun working with this coaching staff.”emphasized Klose, who together with Hansi Flick was part of Bayern’s six-cup champion team in 2020.

Flick’s experience in the German national team without Klose was not the best, and now he will face her in Barcelona, ​​also without Röhl. “This is an experiment”, explain to those who know German best, who at 59 will have to reinvent themselves in many ways. Hansi’s new adventure in Barcelona will begin without his two best confidants.

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