You Season 4: Meet the New Lead Character Joining the Netflix Drama

A new actor joins You season 4, to bring to life Joe Goldberg’s new adventure in Paris, where he hopes to meet Marienne and finally live out the dream of love that has led him to live in three different cities and to murder. in each one of them.

Season 4 of the hit series Netflix, Youis in its production stage and the first names that will make up the cast of this new installment in which Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is getting closer to falling into the abyss. Without Love and after having left little Henry behind, it is difficult to know what the new destiny of this charismatic psychopath will be.

They choose the first addition to the cast of You season 4

According to the latest information about the cast that will make up season 4 of the Netflix series, it seems that Joe Goldberg will continue his adventures in Paris, the city he traveled to in the last episode of the third to pursue his new obsession, the librarian Marienne (tati gabrielle). Will she become a reason for redemption for the questioned character?

As fans find out, they continue to break down the cast additions that the production of You has recently announced. One of them corresponds to that of the actor of the successful series of HBOwhite lotus“, lukas gagewho, according to the description, will play a young man from a millionaire family who knows no limits and who has a rather atypical philosophy of life.

The name of the character that Gage will play is Adam, known in his circle as an American expatriate famous for not living up to the standards of his venerable and successful family. Entrepreneur and gamer, Adam is a warm and fun party host and fast friend. But like everyone on You, Adam has several dark secrets, including a serious self-medication problem. This advances the official description of the new character:

“Determined to prove himself, Adam is taking big, risky moves, living by the truism that a good businessman does absolutely everything he can do. Does he love her rich, titled girlfriend, or is he using her? There is no doubt that he is manipulating his friends; the only question is how far he would go.”

Lukas Gage to play Adam in You season 4

In addition to White Lotus, Gage also appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of “Love, Victor“, the platform series hulu, playing Derek; and in season 1 of euphoria HBO, got into the skin of Tyler. Another of her next jobs will be in Angelyne of the platform peacockalong with Emmy Rossum, according to TVLine.

According to You showrunner Sera Gamble, each season of this series is like arriving in a new place, where a new conversation about love unfolds. It remains to be seen if season 4 of the Netflix drama will actually take viewers to a new city or instead bring Joe Goldberg back to the country where he could be tried for his crimes.

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