Yuri and his $35,000 Versace

It is no secret to anyone that Yuri gives everything in his shows, especially when it comes to outfits, Visual commitment and image are very important to the singer, which is why fashion plays a fundamental role in her life. Not for nothing decades ago she had the nickname “The Mexican Madonna”.

On purpose, THE REPORTER spoke with her about her connection to fashion and how she has been creating iconic pieces: “I am a person who likes to be beautiful for my audience, I admire JLo and Beyoncé very much, also Madonna, who is now more relaxed, but when she was at her peak she was a fashion setter, who was always with the best designers. And I think that artists always have to be beautiful, also for you (the press) because they are the link between us and the public.

She confesses that she notices in the comments made by the audience that they always refer to her being well dressed; She tells an anecdote that even her flight attendants when she boards her flights have made her see that she is always impeccable. She also gracefully remembered her when she did the tour with Pandora; Above all, Isabel and Mayte told her to relax more with her image, because she was always perfect, but Yuri shares that she did not manage to outshine them, far from it, it is simply a habit that her mother inherited from her Dulce tired.

“My mother raised me like this, when I began to be famous between the ages of 15 and 16.” Wherever she had to go, she took care of my image: “She always goes pretty, people have already started to see her in ‘Siempre en Sunday’ and in the OTI“, remember yuri what his mother told him. “So it’s customary, it’s something that is normal for me. I like fashion, I like to be pretty, this gives me life”.

Yuri shares that her closet is a floor and represents a place where she finds recreation and relaxation, because in that space she also decides what looks use for your public presentations: “I have pieces from famous designers like Philipp Plein, who is one of the most expensive and who has invited me to his boutique in Italy”, paying for his plane ticket, as she is a great client for him, “but I couldn’t go because I was in ‘Who is the mask?’ or in Chile… There are already five parties to which he invites me and I have not been able to go ”. The singer shares that she also has a good relationship with representatives of brands like Versace, who give her a special price or accessible payment formats because they know that she is a great consumer.

It should be noted that Yuri not only focuses on fashion, but also on makeup and hairdressing; even her fellow artists ask her where she gets the spectacular wigs she wears, to which she confesses: “I have not stylist, I am my own stylist”.

He adds that in Spain he does have the help of a stylist who makes contacts with important personalities, to whom he explains the figure that Yuri represents in Mexico and Latin America.

Also share that for her “Euforia” tour, she had some costumes made by a Kosovo designer who has also made outfits for Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj, “They are spectacular corsets.”

But what are the most iconic or expensive pieces? “I have a Versace piece, all with a metal effect, that he launched (Gianni) before he died, which is now in a museum and costs 35,000 dollars, and I did not know it, it is a suit that he took out singing with Carlos Rivera in the second video for ‘You no longer live in me’ (2018). My fans were the ones who sent me the photo. It’s a relic, that dress is beautiful, I’ve put it back on two or three times”.

Yuri. “I think that artists have to always be beautiful.” SPECIAL

Will mount an exhibition

Yuri shares that she wants to put on an exhibition of her dresses and outfits that she has worn throughout her career, “I think that maybe in this 2023 so that people see all these clothes that I have, which are classic. A few years ago Donatella Versace paid homage to Gianni Versace for his 20 years of death and took out all the suits that I already had. I used to go to Beverly Hills and I have things signed by him (a mug, for example) and also by Giuseppe Zanotti, shoes that are signed on the back. So, in that I do imitate Madonna and JLo a lot, who marry a lot with fashion brands, or at the time Beyoncé with Balmain, which I love.

She expresses that Mexican artists should work more on their relationship with designers, because it has worked for her: They even lend her clothes and then return them… Although there are pieces that she pays for because she wants them for herself.

He expresses that Adela Micha is one of the celebrities who are interested in seeing his wardrobe: “I have some things by Thierry Mugler from about 26 or 30 years ago, and from Jean Paul Gaultier I have the dress with spikes (on the chest) like the one Madonna wore, I went to New York and bought it, I recently returned it to get out of my closet”; In fact, she took some recent photos with him at the premiere of the movie “Blonde” with Ana de Armas. Without a doubt, Yuri is an icon of national music, but also of fashion.


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