Zahara’s biological mother, one of Angelina Jolie’s daughters, broke the silence and said what she thought of her role as an adoptive mother

For the first time, Zahara Jolie Pitt’s mother spoke publicly, to refer to how she felt all these years in which her daughter was in charge of the famous actress. And she revealed the sad reasons why she decided to give her up for adoption.

Angelina Jolie, who recently made headlines as a result of the lawsuit she made against her ex, Brad Pitt, for a property on the Côte d’Azur, is once again a trend as a result of the recent public statements she made Mentwabe Dawitthe Zahara’s biological mother, his daughter 17 years.

Zahara Jolie Pitt
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Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt was adopted in 2005, when he was 6 months old of life. His former name was Yemnsrach and her mother decided to give her up for adoption, since she had been born as a result of rape. She according to her told him mentwabe to the Reuters agency: “He took out a knife and put one hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. He raped me and then disappeared,” said the woman, adding to her harsh account that I was afraid to tell what had happened to him, since in his community he is considered a taboo “although it has been by force”.

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Subsequently, he made reference to how the Zahara adoption:I never refused to the adoption of my daughter by Angelina Jolie. I think my daughter she is very lucky being adopted by a globally famous woman. I wish you all the luck of the world”.

In addition, the woman from Ethiopiaadded that: Angeline has been more of a mother to her than me. take with her since I was a baby, but that Doesn’t mean I don’t miss her“In another part of the interview, he confirmed that he wants to regain contact with his daughter without detracting from the fact that the actress has every right to continue being her mother.

Zahara Jolie Pitt
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