Zendaya looks ethereal in a surreal white dress by Loewe

Zendaya is currently the best person to inspire you when you want to wear an impact outfit. In addition to being a fashion icon and knowing exactly what she wears, she always has the support of her stylist, Law Roch, to be one of the best dressed of the night. And although the last appearance of hollywood actress It has not been on the red carpet, it has not disappointed at all.

Zendaya, 26 years old, we were surprised with an amazing look composed of a White dress that evokes surrealism, it is a small preview, as Jonathan Anderson mentions on his Instagram account, of the collection Spring-Summer 2023 by Loewe. When the actress chooses this type of dressesusually wears stiffer models composed of shells and metallic details. However, this time he opted for a somewhat—quite—different option.

Zendaya wears a surreal Loewe dress

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The dress in question has a fluid fall, a half-side opening revealing her legs and a detail on the chest that we cannot and do not want to stop seeing: a cala flower petal in XL size. With this look, the actress demonstrates once again her predilection for the surreal style and its solid relationship with the Spanish brand.

To accompany the trend look, The actress wore her hair loose with waves and that wet look that added sensuality to her already sexy image. As for the beauty look, Zendaya always seeks to highlight her features more characteristic with a natural but outstanding makeup, this time she looks radiant with a pink lipstick and subtly outlined eyes.

Where have we seen the trend of surrealism?

If anything characterizes Loewe and its creative director, it is surrealism made clothing. In their catwalks they cannot miss the dramatic and striking moments; lights and rhinestones invaded his menswear line for the Spring-Summer 2022 collection, while car shaped dressesthe balloon and its idea of ​​volatility has been the center of the Autumn-Winter 2022 women’s collection. These have only been the most recent examples, but many have been contemplated throughout its entire career.

Loewe, Fall-Winter 2022 collection. Armando Grillo / Gorunway

Moschino, Autumn-Winter 2022 collection.Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway

However, Anderson has not been the only one to bring Salvador Dalí’s style to the catwalks. Autumn comes loaded with an even more powerful surrealism than what we are seeing: at the beginning of April, the Financial Times I was talking about return of surreal fashion, referring precisely to the Moschino and Loewe Fall-Winter 2022 collections. Jeremy Scott’s proposal references Kubrick’s Space Odyssey with furniture brought to life.

We also see the surreal inspiration in the Autumn-Winter 2022 collection of Balmainwhere he bet on futuristic shoes that blur the shape of the foot, and in the Givenchy in which he added an exaggerated bump at the heel that makes the foot look completely disproportionate. They are different elements that add the same weirdness factor which is attributed to surrealism.

Givenchy surreal boots.

Givenchy/Alessandro Viero/Gorunway

Surreal Balmain sneakers.

Armando Grillo / Gorunway.

Instagram contents

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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