Zendaya’s emotional thanks for her historic 2022 Emmy Award nominations

In recent years, and after his departure from Disney, Zendaya He has shown the great talent he has to continue growing in his profession. So much so that, in a short time, she knew how to become one of the most important and applauded artists in Hollywood. And, among the great achievements of her career are not only the Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Hollandbut also euphoriaa series in which he stars on HBO Max.

In euphoria Zendaya brings Rue Bennett to life, a character with whom thousands of viewers have connected and felt admiration, devotion and have even been surprised or moved. The story of this young woman encompasses cruelty, realism, drama and a great talent of her actress to unwrap all the problems that this drug addict has in each scene.

In fact, the proof of what euphoria generates in the fans is that, once again, Zendaya has garnered multiple Emmy Award nominations. and, at the age of 25, the actress makes history again. On this occasion, the singer was also nominated for Best Leading Actress in a Drama and Best Producer, both shortlists to which he entered the series. And, with these aspirations to be the possible crowned, she becomes not only the youngest woman to be nominated for the shortlist of best actress, but also the youngest producer nominated.

Although, it is not the first time that Zendaya She breaks a record in these awards since in 2020, when she won the highest award for best leading actress in a drama, she became the youngest woman to have won. For this reason, now, and under enormous emotion, she herself wanted to thank her fans and the Academy for so much recognition and for applauding the work she does with so much love.

Through his Instagram account he began by writing: “Doing this show with this cast and crew of the most incredibly talented people that I have the privilege of learning from every day has been a highlight in my life.a”. Then he added: “I am very proud to work by your side and congratulations. I have no words to express the love and gratitude I feel right now. All I can do is say thank you with all my heart”.

He also dedicated a tender thank you to his fans. “Thanks to everyone who connected with our show, it’s an honor to share it with you”. And, to accompany these emotional words, Zendaya posted a rare photo of her character, Rue, during the filming of the second season of euphoria. The series, without a doubt, has been a turning point for her career and has helped her go to the top.

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