★ Almirall begins collaboration with the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) to identify biomarkers for new treatments for atopic dermatitis.

Almirall SA (BME:ALM), pharmaceutical company Global devoted To That dermatology medical, Ha announced Today A new cooperation from investigation with the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), an international biomedical research institute based in Barcelona. The goal of the collaboration is to identify molecular signaling pathways and biomarkers specific from That dermatitis atopic (GIVES). new data received O He mechanism from action from this difficult illness may let He development from new options therapy.

goals from investigation from this cooperation include That characteristic from Models further detailed AD with great physiological significance and predictability of the disease. Purpose of cooperation to identify new approaches therapeutic For He care from That GIVES How place from departure For He development new drugs.

Almirall will contribute its extensive experience in model development, sample preparation models YES in vitro And in natural conditionsas well as tissue samples, transcriptomics and data analysis. He KRG, To his Part, will contribute his experience V proteomics, What help To to identify possible goals pharmacological For That GIVES thereby expanding Fun from options therapeutic For this disease.

We are pleased with the latest advances in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. However, we continue to work to identify scientific and technological innovations that enable going one step further to offer patients more effective treatments. Such cooperation allows us to unite our experience in medical dermatology with the skills of the CRG proteomics department to better understand this complex disease and explore new treatment options“, declares Doctor. Charles Ziegelbauer, Main The science Officer from Almiral.

Proteomic technologies are used in many translational research projects, both for diagnose and understand disease mechanisms. Cooperate with the company Almiral’s recognition will allow us to delve deeper into the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis, which may lay the foundation for further care for patients suffering from this disease.” states Dr. Eduardo knew responsible from That Unit Mixed from Proteomics KRG/UPF (ICTS OmixTech).

Source: ALMIRALL, S.A.

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