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With the distribution of Rocky Sur Art, the question arises: will the Italian film make a comeback?

Sylvester Stallone, 77, joined Rocky’s new friends to get the ring repaired in the last place? Rien n’est moins sur! There is no Deja in Creed 3, the comedy is not for the previous moment for the 4th time as we prepare for Michael B. Jordan.

Ahead of the release of Creed 3, Stallone became part of the sons who lost the award for directing, as the best stage and producer of the franchise.

“It’s a different philosophy, cell d’Irwin Winkler and etc. Michael B. Jordan. I read souhaite bonne chance, more my côté, je suis beaucoup plus un sentimental. I want my characters to be recognized quickly, but I didn’t want them to be in that dark space. “I thought the publication left an assez de noirceur”“Await,” Sly explained.

“I don’t pay attention to Creed 3. It’s a classic coup. Rocky par-ci par-là sans même me require mon avis ou si je veux en être. It’s an unfortunate situation, I think I’m saying cela aurait pu être. “Ils ont Pris une Totalement Opposée à Celle que J’Aurais Prize”expect to feel sorry for Stallone.

Moreover, the comedy is in complete contradiction with the ayants-droit de la saga Rocky, la famille d’Irwin Winkler et celle de la Robert Chartoff. “I am not a producer of the Creed films. Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan – son. Children Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff – son. Pas les miens. Je suis le seul laisse pour compte”keep in mind that Sly knows that he is restoring the rights of the child’s son.

Despite the various differences, Michael B. Jordan did not return to Rocky in Creed 4. “I thought you could do the thing that Sly, that Rocky, was resurrected. C’est l’une de ces chooses incroyables à propos de ce personanage. “Rocky”on Sports Illustrated’s micro-confidential site.

À voir si Sly is interested in various visions, intrigues and characters, as well as the war for rights. In any case, this is a 7-meme Rocky movie in its own right and with full dedication.

Seule la the Creed franchise can be opened in the Italian cinema l’Etalon. Note that the Balboa license provided 1.2 billion worldwide revenues in 6 films. If you add the Creed trilogy, the amount will be 2 billion!

If Stallone is human, you can’t review the Paramount+ Tulsa King movie.

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