10 biggest scientific milestones of 2023


This article could have started with the same old empty sentences. Platitudes we say just for the sake of saying but that don’t add much meaning: “2023 was the year of a lot of science” or “This year science explored boundaries it had never reached before.” Fortunately, it is a rare occurrence for these claims to fail. Science is not the only thing that can progress, regress, or stand still as the year progresses. It is an institution made up of countless research groups. Large, small, public, private and all nationalities. There is always progress, and, logically, a significant part of it will occur on the border of the known and the unknown.

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Indeed, looking back, we can point to some particularly high-profile achievements that collectively make 2023 a particularly legendary year in the annals of scientific history. A mirage of sorts, because while this way of presenting the facts changes the way we look at them, the truth is that it helps us give them the relevance we need to give them throughout the rest of the year. So, one by one, these rankings help us correct the scientific idleness that the media sometimes falls into the other 364 days of the year. And in this case, we wanted to briefly highlight 10 milestones that made it to the press, but which we may not have properly realized.

Two more steps against malaria

Despite what it may seem, mosquitoes are the second animal that causes the most human deaths each year, and this is due to the infections they transmit, including malaria. This disease is caused by the parasite Plasmodium and causes more than 600,000 deaths each year. Fortunately, many experts are trying to find a vaccine that will radically reduce these numbers, and they seem to be succeeding. Mosquirix showed this year that it reduces deaths in children, and a second vaccine has just been approved; Its name is R21/MatrixM, and although it has a similar design to the Mosquirix, it is cheaper and easier to produce in large quantities.

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