10 things we learned from the 2024 Formula 1 Grand Prix at Imola

Career Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix 2024 Formula 1 He left us with another win for Max Verstappen at Imola, although he was under pressure from Lando Norris in the closing laps, showing there could be a paradigm shift on the grid. However, that wasn’t the only thing that happened over the weekend.

Here at Motorsport.com, we bring you ten highlights from the seventh round of the premier motorsport calendar.

This was the 2024 Formula 1 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix race:

1. The fight for victory in Formula 1 is intensifying

Although the winner’s name remained unchanged as Max Verstappen added another win, a much tighter grid could be seen. Lando Norris was just a few tenths away from victory, doing great on his hard tyres.while Charles Leclerc completed the podium just seconds behind the duo who led the race at the Imola circuit in this Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

Moreover, in the classification we saw a Dutchman who, if not for the slipstream proposed by Nico Hulkenberg, would have been on the same level or even behind Oscar Piastri. Therefore, we can conclude that everything happens in the blink of an eye, and Red Bull can’t be trusted because the others have made some good improvements that are making the fight for the win tougher..

Will Formula 1 change?:

2. Imola needs something that can offer the best of Formula 1 racing.

The Imola circuit is one of the circuits with the richest history on the current Formula 1 calendar. but he has a problem. Its narrow layout means that cars cannot overtake easily, in addition to the fact that DRS is insufficient on the single straight due to the dirty air generated in the final corners going down the mountain, despite what some Max Verstappen would like there were always places like this on his trips.

However, the Dutchman’s words were more aimed at the fact that drivers need more difficult tracks, with gravel loopholes where the slightest mistake is punished, as happened with Fernando Alonso in free practice on Saturday or in qualifying itself. So it’s a matter of preference.to have more spectacular racing in places with less tradition or tests with less emotion and more legends.

Max Verstappen wants more places like Imola:

3. Perez will remain a headache for Red Bull F1 in 2025.

The Red Bull team continues We are looking for the best solution for Max Verstappen’s partner in the 2025 Formula 1 season, and although things were going well for Sergio Perez at the start of the campaign thanks to his good results, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix made things difficult. His poor classification and poor race again opens the door for another rider to replace him. Christian Horner admitted they were waiting to see what would happen.

The Mexican is aware that he will have to do better in the next few games if he wants to continue wearing purple, but if he repeats what he did at Imola, it will not be unusual for someone like Yuki Tsunoda to to tap the ball. door from Milton Keynes after a great start to 2024 with Visa CashApp RB.

The future of Sergio Perez:

4. Ferrari F1 takes a step forward, although not enough to catch McLaren

Ferrari was delighted updates that were going to be introduced at the 2024 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna., with which they hoped to hunt down Red Bull and distance themselves from McLaren. However, Maranello had to settle for third and fifth position in the first of two home races.

The good news is that they are closer to the front, although they did it more at McLaren, so the Woking natives are candidates for second unless they see themselves so outclassed in Milton Keynes that there is a fight. for the title before the end of the season.

Ferrari improvements at Imola:

5. Aston Martin F1 improvements keep us from moving up the rankings

If Ferrari planned to take a step forward, then Aston Martin was no less although the reality is that the people from Silverstone were unable to materialize the benefits this meant introducing the first major renewal on European soil. The green team received only two points, with Lance Stroll finishing ninth at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, a “good result” for its director. Mike Crackalthough he realizes that the problem is that the other teams are also progressing.

This weekend served as a testing ground for Fernando Alonso’s accident in free practice. From this point on, the Asturian’s main goal was to collect as much data as possible about what would happen this season.. And if they fail to make significant improvements, they will not be able to rise to the positions they expected.

These were the Aston Martin improvements:

6. Williams F1 catching up with weight

The Williams team had a lot of problems at the start of the 2024 Formula 1 season, although the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix showed why. Team Director, James Vowlesstated that they were losing almost half a second per lap due to excess weight, which they managed to correct, in addition to the fact that the third chassis, which caused so much controversy at the beginning of the year, was ready.

Although this improvement was not particularly noticeable, as Alexander Albon’s race ended with an unsuccessful pit stop, which forced him to pit again and receive a ten-second penalty for unsafe driving, he finished in addition to Logan Sargeant. the second to last one is on Sunday.

The problem Williams faced:

7. Mercedes F1 opposes signing with Ferrari

The Mercedes team is trying to regain form, and although they have not achieved this yet, having stolen two key moments from Ferrari in the technical section, they were able to achieve this. So much Simone Resta as Enrico Sampo They are expected to arrive in Brackley in response to Maranello’s hiring Jerome d’Ambrosio and Loïc Serra.

However, the Germans are also ready to lose. Wine Gioacchinoaerodynamics manager at the team since 2018. If this were the case, a vital piece would be missing from the team, but this is not Toto Wolff’s biggest concern as he manages to establish himself well.

8. Formula 1 rules remain controversial after Magnussen case

On weekends Formula 1 Grand Prix Miami 2024 The controversy reignited over the way Kevin Magnussen defended against Lewis Hamilton to allow teammate Nico Hulkenberg to escape and score some valuable points. Thus, in Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna A meeting was held to discuss this issue and for the FIA ​​to tighten the rules for drivers.

Moreover, the Dane expressed his point of view and suggested that when someone goes off the track and takes advantage, he should give up the position to his opponent. However, it appears that this will not happen and that commissioners will be more inclined to impose early punishment.

FIA meeting:

9. The 2025 Formula 1 driver market remains behind the scenes

The grid for the 2025 Formula 1 season is still a mystery., since some places in important teams are not yet closed. Once there is movement from the top, everything will fall into place, but until then we will have to be attentive to what happens with Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez, as well as the decisions of Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon and Valtteri Bottas. .

Finn was seen entering Williams’ motorhome. on the weekend of the 2024 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, so it wouldn’t be strange if Grove’s suit was approved again while Alpine continues to look for the best option for its line-up with its Frenchman without a guaranteed helm.

What will happen to the Formula 1 transfer market in 2025?:

10. Thailand takes a step forward to have a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Prime Minister of Thailand, Sretta Taweesinmet on the track in Imola with the president of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, and the main issue discussed was the holding of a future Grand Prix in Bangkok. The idea is to have the race in the Asian country very soon, on the streets of the capital, and in the upper echelons of the championship this is viewed favorably, in addition to the fact that they were already there in April.

However, for this to be possible, some of the current headquarters must fall, and It is possible that the Italian test itself will disappear. after the head of the Circus Maximus warned that it would be very difficult to maintain it together with Monza, in addition to the fact that the idea of ​​​​rotating the European circuits was on the table.

Thailand wants Formula 1:

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