100 days of war in Gaza Netanyahu: “No one will stop us”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that Israel will continue its campaign against Hamas until it achieves victory, rejecting any possible intervention to halt its operations.


The current conflict has become The longest and deadliest conflict between Israelis and Palestinians since Israel’s establishment in 1948.And there are no signs that the fight is about to end.

Netanyahu: “Nobody will stop us, not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, not anyone else”

This comment of Netanyahu came after the hearing of the International Court South Africa accuses Israel of genocide against PalestiniansA claim Israel rejects as reprehensible and hypocritical.

However South Africa wants interim orders Stop Israel’s aggression, “Nobody will stop us, not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, not anyone else,” Netanyahu said on television Saturday night, referring to Iran and its allied militias.

it is expected that The case before the World Court drags on for years, but provisional decisions may be issued within a few weeks. Netanyahu has made it clear Israel will not comply with any order to end hostilitieswhich could deepen its international isolation. international pressure The demand to end the conflict in Israel has intensified and protests are taking place in many cities demanding its end. The United States, by offering diplomatic and military assistance, has protected Israel from this pressure.

Concern about conflict spreading in the area

us Army Another Houthi base attacked in Yemen Despite requests from the United Nations. Concerns about wider conflict have existed since the beginning of the war. New fronts include Iran-backed groups In Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. The United States has increased its military presence in the region to prevent further escalation of tensions.

Amid the conflict, the United States and Britain launched airstrikes on Thursday against Houthi rebels in Yemen in response to their campaign. attack with drones and missiles Against commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

war in numbers summary of drama

After this the armed conflict started October 7 attack by Hamas and other militants killed about 1,200 people in Israel, mainly civilians.

total deaths

In Gaza: 23,843

In Israel: more than 1,200

In the West Bank: 347


In Gaza: 2/3 of the dead are estimated to have died in the Strip.

in Israel on October 7, 790

UN personnel killed in Gaza: 148

Health workers killed in Gaza: at least 337

Journalists who lost their lives in Gaza: 82


Israeli soldiers were killed on October 7, 314

Hamas militants: more than 8,000

Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza ground attack: 187


Israeli soldiers killed on the northern front: 9

Israeli soldiers killed by friendly fire or “accidents” in Gaza and the north: 29

Destruction/humanitarian situation in Gaza

Gaza buildings likely to be damaged/destroyed: 45-56%

Hospitals in Gaza are partially functional: 15/36

Palestinian civilians facing “hunger and starvation”: 576,600 (26% of the population)


School buildings in Gaza damaged: more than 69%

Damaged mosques: 142

Damaged churches: 3

Damaged ambulances: 121

Students not attending school: 625,000 (100%) students



Palestinians injured in Gaza: 60,005

Palestinians injured in the West Bank: more than 4,000

Total Israeli injured: 12,415

Israeli soldiers injured in ground attacks: 1,085

Israeli soldiers injured since October 7: 2,496



Displaced Palestinians in Gaza: 1.9 million (85% of Gaza’s population)

Displaced Israelis from northern and southern border communities: 249,263 (2.6% of the population)

hostage and prisoner

Hostages taken by Hamas on 7 October: approximately 250

Hostages released: 121

Hostages taken on October 7 remaining in the strip: 132


1. 111 men, 19 women, 2 children

2. 121 Israelis, 11 foreigners

Hostages who died or died in Hamas captivity: 33

Palestinian prisoners released during ceasefire in fighting: 240

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