11 foods to strengthen bones

As we age, our bones inevitably lose density. Although we cannot get rid of this deterioration, it is possible to fight it, postpone it and slow it down with the help of healthy lifestyle habits. That is, with physical exercise, as well as a balanced diet where we obtain the necessary nutrients.

Precisely in this sense, calcium plays a fundamental role in our health. It is the mineral with the greatest presence in our body and interferes in many processes. Its main job is to keep our bones and teeth strong. But it also influences blood clotting, muscle contraction and relaxation, heart rate, nerve impulses, and cell aging.

Therefore, if we have a calcium deficit, we will be more vulnerable to bone and joint fractures, as well as osteoporosis, with a high prevalence in the elderly. Also dental and hair problems, we will have brittle nails and we will even suffer more muscle cramps.

To guarantee optimal levels of calcium in our body, we must pay special attention to our diet. It is necessary to consume foods rich in this mineral and also have a good supply of vitamin D, vital for the absorption of calcium. Although vitamin D is obtained mainly from the sun, it is also provided by many foods. And as for calcium, although milk contains it in large quantities, it is not the only source to obtain it.

Dairy products


Dairy products

Products derived from milk contain a high contribution of calcium. Yogurt, kefir, butter, cheese… They are also a source of vitamins B and D.

Assorted dried fruits



Nuts have many benefits for our health. Among them, they are rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins E and D, iron, phosphorus and calcium.

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Salmon fillet



This tasty oily fish is not only an excellent source of Omega-3, it also contains vitamin D and calcium.




Similarly, sardines are rich in calcium, sodium and very healthy fatty acids for our cardiovascular health.




In it we find vitamins of groups A, B, D, E and K, as well as magnesium, calcium, selenium and iron.




Great source of vegetable protein that also contains calcium.

Doctors recommend increasing the consumption of legumes as a guarantee to have a healthy diet and a strong immune system



In addition to being rich in protein, legumes provide iron, phosphorus, and calcium. Especially the beans and chickpeas.

Even if you buy a green avocado, it can be ripened at home with a few simple tricks.



This fruit is rich in vitamin B6, E, C and K, contributing to a greater formation of collagen for our bones.




They are a treasure trove of nutrients for the body: calcium, vitamins A, C and E, protein, potassium, fiber, iron and folic acid.




In this vegetable we find an excellent contribution of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin K and zinc.

chia seeds



Sesame, poppy, fennel, and chia seeds are very rich in calcium, among other nutrients such as protein, minerals, and healthy fatty acids. Include them in your salads, smoothies in a bowl of yogurt with fruit. Of course, remember that chia must be previously hydrated or crushed to absorb its properties.

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