15 secrets of the Méconnus tournament based on the Harry Potter saga

Que ce soit dans Chamber of Secretspendant Coupe du feu or an encore Wizard SchoolThe inseparable trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron accompanies our youth before adulthood. After film premiered in 2001the saga becomes a real phenomenon and wins the hearts of television viewers around the world. Et les fans ne quent pas! Between the successes of books and film adaptations, the Harry Potter universe is inscribed in culture. Si aujourd’hui vous êtes are convinced that everyone knows about Pudlar’s sudjet and his wizards, détrompez-vous… Voici 15 jokes What a shame that fans don’t know anything about this saga!

Harry Potter: Do you know 15 secrets of the tournament?

  • Mold exists in the dictionary : If you have a tendency that everything that belongs to the world of Harry Potter is a figure in English dictionaries. Definition? “A person not belonging to a family who has an activity or a certain competence.”
  • Actress Mimi Gaynard is 36 years old. : Difficile à croire, et pourtant… Shirley Henderson, the actress who embodies the role of Mimi Gaynarde, has been absent as a person for 14 years, or rather 36 years!

  • Daniel, Rupert and Emma faisaient leur devoir sur le Tournage : Dans toutes les scènes of the Harry, Ron and Hermione Font leurs devoirs, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson benefit from these scenes for fair leurs.
  • 160 pairs of steady rests for use in tournaments : Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter film, box with 80 baguettes and 160 pairs of lunettes hanging on the Tournages des huit volets. This is true… For some time he has fun using batteries. Pas étonnant!

  • The tournament is suspended due to… des poux : The casting at the tournament is made up of the majority of children and teenagers. And it has already chosen that staging is impossible… Invasion in fluff! Cinema tour Chamber of Secrets I am temporarily suspended.

  • Thesis : Pour le troisième opus Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, Realizer Alfonso Cuaron commissioned his famous trio “Rédiger une Dissertation Sur Leurs Personnages”. Emma Watson read the book’s dissertation on the pages, Daniel Radcliffe on one suitable page, and Rupert Grint when he was, but did not receive approval.
  • Train travel : J. K. Rowling, novelist, on the idea of ​​Harry Potter while traveling by train between Manchester and London.

  • Du latin dans les sorts : Certain assortments by names with Latin roots. For example, the variety “Accio” is reminiscent of the Latin word “accerso”, which means “j’invoque quelques selected”.

  • Pas de potions for moldus : Et not, dans l’univers d’Harry Potter, les Moldus cannot be prepared with potions. For this, a magic baguette and magical abilities are a must! Some fans asked…

  • The largest Harry Potter collection : Celle, who has the largest Harry Potter collection in the world, is 47-year-old British woman Tracey Nicol-Lewis. In this magical universe lie another 6,000 objects. This is bad, right?

  • Severus Rogue, inspired by a teacher : Severus Rogue exists in real life! In fact, JK Rowling was inspired by her ancient bell-ringing professor to believe in personality.

  • Four Hiboos : Hedwig, D’Harry’s famous beauty, is an interpretation of four different people. And personne n’a vu la différence…

  • Quidditch in virtual life: Who ever stopped playing Quidditch with Harry Potter? Et bien ce sport magique is an adaptation to real life in many countries. For example, the Swiss Quidditch Association! So, do you want to attend the recording?

  • Virtual actor of the saga: If actor Jamie Waylett, Vincent Crabbe’s translator, doesn’t use the device in the latest film, there’s a special reason: he won the tournament after being convicted of growing marijuana.

  • Steven Spielberg will deny the premiere of “Harry Potter” : Steven Spielberg released a cell phone, released the premiere of Harry Potter. After working on the project, I finally abandoned it. Now he has risen to the challenge: the film is destined to succeed.

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