2 Devil May Cry games are disappearing from Steam, but don’t despair, you can still get them. Capcom Just Wants to Steer Its Sales – Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition have disappeared, but their collections still exist.

The disappearance of digital games is not a problem for buyers who already own them, as they usually remain linked to their accounts, but for the preservation of video games. If a few days ago we talked about the case of Spec Ops: The Line, which began disappearing from Steam and disappearing from all stores, today we are paying attention to Devil May Cryand this is it two games just from the saga disappear from the steam without reason or prior mention; Although Not everything is lost for them.

While it’s true that a game being recalled from a digital store can reveal issues with registered music licenses, which are sometimes resolved, there are others for which time has simply run out. This appears to have happened with Devil May Cry 4 Basic and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, which missing from Steam without any mention from Capcom.

You can still buy Devil May Cry on Steam.

We’re talking about two games from a saga as important on the market as Devil May Cry, but the case of Japanese games is something special. distinct to Spec Ops: The Line. The reasons for the recall of the YAGER shooter are unfounded, but in this case the Japanese seem to have they eliminated them plain and simple, because it’s no need to sell them.

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The Devil May Cry Special Edition remains the only one in existence and for sale within Steam. In the case of Devil May Cry 3, without a special edition and with the original base game withdrawn many years ago, the only way to get it is through the 2018 Devil May Cry HD collection, which brings together the first three games in the saga.

The Japanese movement seems clear: they do not limit the market and do not prevent us from buying games, but simply direct us to the most modern ones. Of course, this is even the second good news: many users reported problems with Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition after the implementation, apparently DRM Enigma. By eliminating this game and leaving us with its HD collection, we dodged a bullet.

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