2023, the year of Las Vegas: commentary les Résidences Sont Devenues Incontournables for pop stars

Adele, U2, Kylie Minogue… They pull all the stops to impress the entertainment capital of the world.

Last September, on the scenery of the premiere images of Stupéfiantes et Spectaculaires de la new immersive hall “Sphere”, the grand opening of which took place in Las Vegas. As stated, the spherical shape has been restored with LED lighting both inside and outside, thanks to vraie prouesse technology. The €1.6 billion project is a way of life for the city. Poster for the overture: Irish band U2. Rockers come to present a new spectacle, especially the conçu pour cet énorme world located off the Strip.

For a lucrative inédit show, grandiose and very alone, Bono and his participants were installed in the Nevada city for 40 times while continuing to work on Mars. Pari Réussi, at selected concerts in September, The quator’s residence in record time became the most profitable in history.. These premieres attracted more than 280,000 spectators. Around 350 euros per place, recipes for three, three times. Selon Billboard Boxcore, genre concert worth six million euros. After U2, you might find three big names in residence in these futuristic halls, like Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, like Harley Quinn in Joker: Madness for Two.

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