2024 is going to be crazy in America!

With the advent of a new year, the hopes of not only every individual are renewed, but also of institutions that strive to achieve new goals, and among them are Club America current Mexican football champion after winning the Opening 2023 belonging League MX. Coap’s team not only dreams of defending their trophy, but also strives to achieve more.

Receiving the championship was a burden for the Coapa team, which after 5 years again became the champion of Mexico, however, as the team owner himself made clear, Emilio Azcarragathe long-awaited 14th became anecdotal for Eaglesand now they are focusing their efforts on getting number 15.

It’s clear that America This is a team full of ambition, which celebrates titles simply and it is necessary to quickly direct their thoughts and efforts to achieve the next one, and not just stop at celebrating one, but strive to get as many trophies as possible, to continue to grow. the greatness of the most successful team in Mexican football, boasting almost 40 titles to their name.

2024 will be a very busy year for Club Americawho must attend up to five competitions in which everyone will have a trophy at stake, which is an obligation for Eagles fight for each of them until the final stages, as dictated by the requirements of the most winning organization in Mexico, to fight for titles constantly, and not turn it into something anecdotal.

America dreams of winning up to six trophies in 2024

Brian Rodriguez will play for America again in 2024 (Imago 7)

Starting from the first Club America will have to defend the title won in Opening 2023and the opportunity to do this will be in Closing 2024. For the great work done in the last championship, in Eagles They see it possible to compete for a two-time Mexican football title by reaffirming their crown in this new competition. This will be the first championship that Eagles In this new year.

After 3 years of absence Club America returns to compete in Champions League That Concacaf. The top winner of this tournament with seven trophies in his cabinet has been absent from the last tournaments for various reasons, but after being the second team in the standings, League MX who scored the most points in the regular stage granted him access to this tournament. Concachampions Not only can this become another trophy for Americabut if successful they will also be given a classification 2025 FIFA Club World Cup. This cup has a double prize.

Survey What is the most important trophy that America will compete for in 2024?

What is the most important trophy that America will compete for in 2024?


If he Club America won double championship League MX victory in Closing 2024you will be automatically provided Champion of Championsand the trophy for which they will fight will be Super Cup MX. In any case, the azulcrema team will compete for a new title in the middle of this year. The difference is whether he can add five or six titles.

Also in the middle of the year not only Club America but that’s it League MX And MLS will compete again Leagues Cup. This mega-tournament combining Mexican and American football did not go down well with Mexican fans and the game was abandoned. Opening 2023However, for the organizers it was a resounding success, and it will be repeated this year.

By the end of 2024 League MX will return to its national competition and we will have Opening 2024 as the final closure of this year. Although it is still very far from its start, in any case it will be a championship in which Club America You will have to move on to the final stages to try to achieve this. These are five or six trophies for which Eagles this year.

How is America preparing for 2024?

Christian Calderon will be America’s first reinforcement in 2024 (Imago 7).

In addition to the intention to retain the majority of the championship team Opening 2023in that Club America They are still working towards receiving the first reinforcements by 2024. In principle, it is expected that Christian Calderon be the first of them, and later the rest will begin to join.

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