2024 will begin with an increase in vehicle registrations and a significant increase in the number of “alternatives”.

Passenger car registrations started the year with a 7.3% increase in January.to 68,685 registered units post-2023 with a compound growth rate of 16.7%.

Part of last month’s boom was largely driven by rental sales, which rose 74.6% (7,238 units), while Sales to individuals increased by 6.3% (34,037 units) and company shares fell 1.6% (27,410), according to industry employers’ associations Anfac (manufacturers), Faconauto (dealers) and Ganvam (distribution).

Toyota holds first place in the ranking rating brandswhich it closed with last year, having sold 7,615 vehicles in the first month of 2024, up 14.8%, while, In terms of models, Dacia Sandero also maintains its leadership. with 2,233 units registered in January, 1.7%.

Seat (5,073 units, up 14.7%) and Hyundai (4,121 units, up 19%) also grew.and Kia (4594 units, less by 2.2%) and Peugeot (3811 units, less by 4.2%).

The second place in the list of models is occupied by the Toyota Corolla with 2,143 registrations (up 37.5%), followed by the MG ZS (1,626 units, up 313.7%).Seat Leon (1,535 vehicles, an increase of 346.2%) and Toyota Yaris Cross (1,522 units, an increase of 81.6%).

ForThe average CO2 emissions of passenger cars sold in January remained at 116.2 grams per kilometer driven.which is 1.99% below the average emissions of new passenger cars sold in the same month in 2023.

Industry employers note an increase in the number of registrations light commercial vehicles, of which there were 11,134 in the first month of the year, an increase of 17.6%.while registration of commercial vehicles, buses and minibuses maintains its growth rate at 10.4%.

Slight increase in electrification

Relatively electrified vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids), passenger car registrations opened the year with an increase of 8.4%to reach 8,050 units, according to the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electromobility (Aedive) and Ganvam.

11.7% of passenger cars registered in January were electrified models.and electric vehicles, including two-wheelers, commercial and industrial), on the contrary, rose in price by 3.1%, to 9,129 units.

Electrified vans fell in price by 24.9% up to 389 units, the same as mopeds, which fell by 31.2% (148 units), and motorcycles (27.9% lessup to 406 units).

Given the data, Aediv and Ghanvam warn that To achieve the target of 5.5 million electric vehicles by 2030, set by the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), the registration rate needs to be multiplied by five times. current situation and require administrations to take measures to accelerate demand.

The motorcycle sector is growing

Also Registration of motorcycles and cars increased by 4% compared to January 2023, up to a total of 15,440 units, according to the National Association of Two-Wheeler Companies (Anesdor).

Motorcycles (13,591 registered units) increased in price by 3.2%.while mopeds ended the month with slightly negative figures, registering 970 units (down 0.7%).

By type of use, road motorcycles increased by 8.4%, to 6917 units, field motorcycles – by 9.3% (837 units), and scooters fell in price by 1.4% (6917 units).

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