20:30 the same day, June 1, France 2.

Sommer of the magazine “20:30 the Samedi”, presented by Laurent Delausse on June 1, 2024 in France 2 in the continuation of JT de 20H, “Les ulfureuses”.

New issue of the magazine season “20:30 Samedi” I think of two Hollywood actresses in a snow-gray look, celebrities for talent and beauty. In one of the film studios, two stars are devoted to their image.

The reports say:

Le jour où Hedy Lamarr invented the original Wi-Fi encryption system

Consider me one of the most beautiful women in the world, Hedy Lamarr to designate the cinema as a personality with a complex character. In the 1933 film ecstasyCzechoslovakia Gustav Machatyshe is a leading actress in the art of orgasm.

More lower back cameras, fatal beauty, free space for intelligence; In their studio they create all kinds of objects. During World War II, he invented the transmission encoding system that now underlies Wi-Fi and GPS.

act The Angelina Jolie Paradox

At the debut of a career, Angelina Jolie a long time ago, a gray personality, a drug addict and an adherent of scarring, a great American actress changed her cap at the tournament tomb Raider about Cambodia.

If the film rose to the level of an international star, he was not envious: he became famous in the service of humanitarian causes.

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