21-year-old Jenna Ortega shocks Internet users with a sex scene with a 52-year-old actor…

“I met the very worst in the world”, “C’est dégoûtant.” After the last few days, toilet in emoi After the spread (illégale) of a hot scene between 21-year-old Jenna Ortega and 52-year-old Martin Freeman, the release of the film Miller’s Girl, in the halls aux États-Unis after January 26th. “The Story of a Complicated and Tangled Relationship” is among the students who love romance, Cairo Sweet and his son Professor Jonathan Miller, the level of writing books is again converted into knowledge.

He is the heroine of the series Mercredi In the sex scene, the three were with their son on screen. Et ce n’est pas so leur nudité que l’écart d’age abyssal entre les deux acteurs that shocks les internautes. In fact, Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman are 31 years apart. Sur le reseau Social Xancient Twitter, a heartfelt comment that “When the actor took advantage of the quarantine, Ortega took advantage of 10 years”.

The specter of #MeToo today

Une différence d’âge Malheureusement encore très Répandue aux États-Unis, et même en France (on se souvient de la polemic du cinema Eiffel sur l’écart between Romain Duris, 49, and Emma Mackay, 28). More noticeable is that this episode is among the new Hollywood coquelouche, who has earned a reputation as a freshman and a famous actor Hobbit Semble être la goutte d’eau qui fait deborder le vase.

Controversy over the film’s equipment is present without mention.After a presentation at the Palm Springs festival’s pre-premiere, Jenna Ortega announced the start of a press conference: “The theme of the film is a risky deal. This one chose effrayante à aborder, mais évidemment, en tant qu’artiste, vous aimez prendre des risques et explorer de nouvelles aventures.” A risk for the image of a young man and an important moment when another scene of a long meter, in a laquel actress embracing a lazy girl, fait également parler d’elle.

Go to Hollywood

If spectators beyond the Atlantic shout their satisfaction, the press is equally unanimous about the film. You Los Angeles Times Souligne also: “Definitely for you Miller’s Girl With a #MeToo story about relationships with the dynamics of illegal povoirs, and also reminiscent of an 80s or 90s erotic thriller”.

If the film is not sorted, then it is probably outside the grands écrans français, il se murmure qu’il serait prochainement is available on the platforms. De quoi se faire une idee veritable de sa qualité, au-delà des polemics.

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