270 Real Madrid fans who were deceived and did not go to London after paying a thousand euros

This morning, 270 Madrid fans remained grounded and were unable to travel to London., after their flight was canceled due to a breakdown and the airline provided them with no other solution to allow them to travel to London for the Champions League final. The trip was organized by the Madrid club Capote y Montera through the travel agency Coge la Malet. In total, they would have spent 1,095 euros on this trip to finally stay on land. In addition to the breakdown, some travelers later found out that they had been scammed.

After hearing the news about fans who were unable to travel, Real Madrid did everything possible to try to transfer them to other flights. although overbooking does not provide much margin. As AS learned, 16 of them were already able to go on a trip. While responsibility for the flight incident does not lie with Real Madrid, the white club will compensate fans who will ultimately be unable to travel following the suspension of this flight with compensation. ticket to watch the match in the VIP box at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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