28 January 2024 Malaria in the Zambezi region, Namibia.

January 28, 2024

malaria remains a major health problem in the region Zambezi, NamibiaWith 7264 cases positive results were recorded from the first week of 2023 to the third week of 2024.

Of the 7,264 reported cases of malaria, 367 were severe. Foci of malaria occur mainly in areas western Zambezi region (these areas include Kaenda, Kasheshe, Sesheke, Choi, Sibbinda, Sahona, Masokotwani, Chinichimane and Kanono)

In 2023 the region reported six deaths and in January 2024, another death was recorded.

Malaria Namibia

More information about malaria in Namibia

  • He 46% of the population countries live in areas of high endemicity
  • 2021. There have been 13,740 cases and 15 deaths.
  • 2020. There have been 13,633 cases and 43 deaths.
  • 2017: 54,268 malaria cases, 104 deaths.
  • 2016: 45,500 malaria cases, 120 deaths.
  • year 2014. In the first three months of the year, 6,000 cases of malaria were reported in the Omaheke, Kunene, Erongo, Hardap and Karas regions. The disease is expected to re-emerge in areas where no cases have previously been observed. The reason for this increase is probably to be found in the fact that the disease is still widespread in the neighboring country of Angola. The 2014 World Malaria Report shows 4,911 reported cases and 21 deaths.
  • 2013: 159,140 cases and 61 deaths
  • 2003: 444,081 cases. It accounted for 6% of hospitalizations.
  • 2001: 583,267 cases.

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