30 years after the film “Speed”, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are delighted with the retro ensemble

Sur Speed ​​3? Et pourquoi pas? “Keanu and I, he rejoices in the ensemble before he dies,” the actress confirmed.

About the 30th anniversary Speedaction film by Jan De Bont, which was a great success in 1994 (350 million dollars of world recipes, 4e du top cette année-là), Sandra Bullock and etc. Keanu Reeves repeat on the podcast 50 mph qu’ils adoreraient se retrouver à l’écran, et pourquoi pas dans Speed ​​3 ?

At the time, the comedian duo was well understood on the plateau, and if Keanu opted out of the tour at No. 2, then his flashbacks would come later, for a romantic drama. Between two rivers (2006). He is confident that they will be able to create alchemy without power again, and confirms that we are both vouloirs returning to the ensemble.

“Il faut bien avouer qu’on avait tout déchiré”, start-by-sentence Speed. Ce à quoi sa partenaire de jeu repond:

“I’m not in the formula, he’s not in the calculation (l’alchimie entre eux, ndlr). Anyway, before I go to bed, before I leave this planet, it’s very important to me that Keanu and my events come back to the camera. Could this be a tour among runners or among outpatients? “Our people go to Disneyland on these little scooters, will you go?”

“Je ressens also comme l’appel d’une sirène, Rancherite Reeves. Comme si on se devait de refaire quelque chose the ensemble. J’adorerais retravailler avec toi avant que tes yeux seferment.”

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock Speed, 1994.
20th Century Fox

Proposal for a potential reunion in Speed ​​3the duo that never caches is the envy of the rempiler and it’s a meme if Speed ​​2 foot un échec. Sandra Bullock goes to Mars in 2022 “tujur to the wife” I took part in this suite and immediately after that botanist imaginary pitch no. 3 (“Oh, mon Dieu! Speed ​​3: Redemption… Bien sur! Jack Traven is ready to do the job!”) Keanu Reeves long-awaitedly explained to Graham Norton in 2021 why he refused to participate in it Speed on the boat:

“In the era, I was not thrilled with this script. I’m very jealous of the Sandra Bullock retrospective, and I adore you, Jack Traven, I love many.” SpeedAnother transposer on the boat? “I can’t stand up to hidden artists, it’s just that I’m not sitting.”

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock Speed, 1994.
20th Century Fox

A real reunion for this podcast, it confirms that you feel a connection between us and suggests that the audience également perçue en voyant Speed on the screen.

“About having a certain affection for others, as well as for our people, Reeves explained. Okay, I know the Jack and Annie cell is different from the one that foreshadows Sandra and Keanu, but it’s more of a game and it’s a lot of fun. I think you love if you want my trust to be sincere, don’t you?”

“This is what, – Bullock replied. You know how in some movies people live passionate stories without the animosity between the two comedians. Conversely, parfois il y en a deux qui se détestent et là le public se dit: ‘Wow! C’était electric, dis-donc!’ Dance Speed, how do you count three people over the years, but three or four over the entire film? It seems that this is precisely the battle for survival… And je crois bien que c’est ça qui aide à rendre notre duo si electric. As far as the film is concerned, the premise that comes together is connected. It has never been discussed that you are doing a division, as if you are not able to do the preliminary step.”

Sandra Bullock next to the Hollywood comedy series with Keanu Reeves is extremely well understood on the film’s tour: with Winona Ryder, her southern co-star DraculaFrancis Ford Coppola (1992), the same part is a great complicity.

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