43 years before Ryan Gosling, The Fallen Boy, c’était lui!

Have you ever liked The Fallen Boy like Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt? Alors vous devez absolutely Jeter un oeil sur la serie L’Homme qui tombe à pic, program culte des années 80 qui a inspiration le long métrage!

If you were great at 80 years of age and hours have passed when you see a small screen, you can’t get past the person who is lying in the picture (Autumn guy en VO), a series broadcast from 1981 to 1986 on ABC and started by American actor Lee Majors. Story? Celle Colt Sievers, a stuntman in Hollywood who capitalizes on his talents for the county while he is in my hands as a prime hunter. With the help of the famous pickup truck, Cousin Howard and the beautiful Jodie in a souvenir for the fugitive hunter’s mission to confront justice…

Créée par l’incontournable Glen A. Larson (Magnum, K 2000, Manimal…), the series L’Homme qui tombe à pic is an incredibly interesting program that has been known for 80 years, although we offer it. Action, humor, general cult of VF, which immediately takes place in private (Je suis l’homme qui tombe à piiiiiiic, Je suis l’homme qui vient de loiiiiiiin…vous l’avez ?), ultra-cool heroes… This is the program of this show feuilletonnant dans lequel Lee Majors excelle.

An ordinary cult and visiting guests!

Besides actors, stuntmen and American football fans, Lee Majors is the best singer. Celui qui a également tenu la vedette de L’Homme que…

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L’Homme qui tombe à pic: comment, is it over?

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