5 films worth watching after “Pauvres Creatures”

Sorti ce mercredi January 17, Poor creatures Risk de beaucoup faire parler de lui. The essence of Yorgos Lanthimos’s filmography seems to be lovers of gothic recitations and comedies who are adepts of the bizarre art. After two wins at the Golden Globe and the Golden Lion, the pourre meets at the place where the Oscar ceremony begins. Il faut dire qu’Emma Stone et livre la Performance d’une vie, qui mérite bien une une une à Fierement Sur le Rebord d’une Cheminée. Du haut de ses deux heures et demie, Poor creatures It’s these films that want to explore and wait a long time. Bien qu’une deuxième séance pourrait évidemment être l’occasion de prolonger le plaisir, il existing complementary meters in lignée de Poor creatures qu’il faut absolument découvrir. Voice our choice.

Favorite for my understanding of the implementer

In 2018, Yorgos Lanthimos entered the rivalry scene. In its 18th-century debut, Queen Anne, in frail health, was aide on the throne, but it was Lady Sarah’s son who ruled the place. When a new maid arrives at court, Lady Sarah decides to begin her work, thinking she will find her there. Abigail will never take this opportunity to gain the queen’s trust and become the new confidant.

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With a stunning trio à la barre, Favorite This is a historical film, which is not uncommon. In his form, as with his son’s son, Lanthimos plays into genre codes that celebrate noir comedy, acid tone, and grimace. This is a chronicle of the rivalry, tragedy and evil profit of the undeniable talent of Emma Stone. Without this premiere collaboration, Poor creatures n’aurait sans doute never existed, l’actrice ayant fait ses Arms avec ce recit historique avant de s’emparer d’une Section Autrement Difficile, Celle d’Incarner une Enfant dans un Corps d’Adulte.

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Freaks talk about monsters

Classique des années 30, which is suitable for scandalous antics, most passionate for cinephiles, Freaks costume de êtres difformes, which is a product for the circus. Lilliputian Hans, Naina Frida’s fiancé, is most fascinated by the beautiful acrobat Cleopatra. Apprenant que son aureux transi vient d’hériter d’une belle somme, elle décide de l’épouser pour empocher le pactale. She is an ambitious poisoner and accomplice of the son of Hercules’ lover. But the plot is quickly revealed and the friends of Frieda and Hans decide to take revenge.

Poor creatures évolue de la différence, it is also le moteur de Freaks which brought together actors with physical disabilities to interrogate the human monster, the understanding between a man and a woman. Tod Browning made a montre d’une maîtrise du rythme et de la montée en puissance, composing son, presenting a fantastic fable before the bascule plus freedom in horrors. Freaks, monster parade It is available via Canal+.

deli for the key of Lufok

In 1991, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro immortalized the impeccable habitat of a strange community. In a vast, vast territory, the chacun des inhabitants will be served in bouches-charcoutiers du rès-de-chausse, à l’enseigne Delicatessen. Neanmoins, the love of an ancient clown named Louison va busculer, is an apparent calm.

from point of view Poor creatures, it’s hard to see Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro’s approach to the subject matter of family cinema. As two French realisers, Yorgos Lanthimos has made a dreamlike film based on “parts of compulsion”, “aesthetic ideas, ultra-references” and “ideas for the absurd”. deli est également l’un de ses recits qui se contruisent principal author de l’univers, which explores, du dépaysement, du spectateur.

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Magic in the moonlight for (restoring) Emma Stone’s voice

When Emma Stone meets Colin Firth, she finds out about it. In front of Woody Allen’s camera, the duo evolved into a romantic, playful and captivating comedy on the Côte d’Azur in their 20s. We, the pseudo-Wei Ling Su, Standley Crawford, are a prestigious grinsh who are not hated more than Les soi-disant mediums who intend to know the world. He will help convince the son of his loyal friend Howard Burkan to help him expose these Arnak. À moins que cette rencontre ne remette toutes ses croyances en question…

I wrote a special spot book and the talent of Emma Stone and Colin Firth to express my love for parfait tones, Magic in the moonlight It’s a joyful journey through a time that challenges our thoughts and our preconceptions. Firth’s British phrase in Emma Stone’s fugue en font le divertissement idéal à savorer en plein hiver pour se rappeler au bon souvenir de l’été. The film is available on VOD.

Frankenstein the link seems obvious

Henry Frankenstein is a young scientist who respects man as an assistant to his knowledge. In the company of his assistant son Fritz, the two men will flesh out this project from morceaux de cadavres. This experience will quickly turn into a cauchemar lorsque monstre a qui les savants ont greffé le cerveau d’un criminel, s’échappe et start à commettre des meurtres.

This is a novel about a monster at its core, the adaptation of which is a monument to the genre. I have determined that these channels are successful in their efforts, but have not implemented Poor creatures s’extrait autant qu’il le convoque. The aesthetic of Godwin Baxter’s laboratory was depicted in the cage used by James Whale for the 1931 film. Lighting effects and retro-futuristic cars, that’s it. So, this is not a reason to capitalize on this occasion for a meeting or date. Frankenstein. It is offered on demand on specialized platforms.

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