5 Habits You Should Follow Now to Be Happier in 2024

Taking into account that happiness is a journey, not a destination, we can maintain certain habits in our lives that lead us to a process that creates well-being and happiness. Let’s say happiness could be equated to a lifestyle. If you want to feel better this year, put these happier habits on your to-do list.

Live in the present

It is very important to maintain this habit to avoid the painful feeling that life is slipping through your fingers. Technique attentivenessor live in the present, It is about focusing attention and awareness in the here and now, without getting caught up in the past or the future.. Living in the present allows us to enjoy every moment, appreciate what we have, solve problems with greater calm and optimism, and develop our potential.

Presence is an ongoing learning experience that allows us to grow, be bolder, be more grateful and generous, and increases our confidence and self-esteem. Also This is a balm for protection against stress and anxiety.. If there’s one adjustment you should make this year to improve your well-being, it’s this one.

To acquire this habit, you can start with meditation. a few minutes a day, and gradually increase. There are many guided meditations online that can help you get started on this path.

Meditation focuses us on the present

Meditation is a fantastic tool that helps us focus on the present. (Pexels)

do the exercises

This seems to be a typical refrain, but it has nothing to do with achieving a supposedly normal body, but with real well-being in life. Exercise is one of the best ways to take care of your physical and mental health. and we will not tire of repeating this. When we exercise, a number of physiological changes occur in our bodies that improve our health and mood.

It increases blood flow, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to be transported to tissues, especially muscles, brain and heart. It improves physical performance, cognitive function and prevention of cardiovascular disease. But let’s move on to what is important to us in this text – emotional well-being. Doing physical exercise promotes the release of hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and enkephalins. These chemicals give us feelings of euphoria, pleasure, satisfaction, calm and well-being. They also help us reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Also strengthens the immune system, which protects us from infections and inflammations. Exercise stimulates the production of cells and antibodies that fight pathogens and harmful substances. Promotes the elimination of toxins and free radicals through sweat and breathing.

Exercise releases feel-good hormones.

When we exercise, our brain releases hormones of pleasure and well-being. (Pexels)

Sleep more

We often sacrifice hours of sleep to complete a million tasks that we always think are urgent. This is one of the dangers multitaskingthat we sleep less and worse. Sleeping at least 7 or 8 hours a day should be the main goal. feel clearer and more relaxed in the morning.

When we sleep our body and mind perform important functions that help us improve our quality of life:

  • Memory consolidation and learning. Sleep allows us to capture and reorganize information received during the day, improving memory and knowledge.
  • Regulation of appetite and metabolism. This helps us maintain hormonal balance, which affects our hunger and fullness, as well as our energy and glucose use.
  • Increased physical and mental performance. Provides the recovery and energy needed to perform daily activities with greater efficiency, concentration, creativity and agility.
  • Preventing diseases and strengthening the immune system. Sleep protects us from cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, cognitive decline and depression. Sleep also improves our defense against infections and inflammation.
  • Development of social and emotional intelligence. It allows us to regulate our emotions and improve our mood, which affects our self-esteem, our empathy, our communication and our coexistence with others.

Sleep is much more than just rest, it is an investment in our health and well-being that This allows us to enjoy a fuller and happier life.

Good sleep improves mental health

Try to sleep at the recommended hours to avoid feeling tired, irritable, or sad. (Pexels)

Spend more time in the sun and get out into nature.

Who doesn’t feel better on a sunny day? Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, the happy hormone that affects our mood, appetite and sleep. If we add a walk in the lap of nature to this stay in the sun, we will not only enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the environment, but also It will also bring us a lot of peace and harmony.

Sun exposure is the best way to synthesize vitamin D naturally. This vitamin It is necessary for the absorption of calcium and strengthening our bones, teeth and muscles.. Moreover, it improves our immune system and protects us from certain diseases.

Did you know that sunlight improves our visual abilities? This helps us concentrate and read better. Additionally, spending time in the sun and nature encourages us to engage in physical activity, which gives us energy, well-being, agility, and stamina.

It is important take precautions to avoid damage caused by solar radiation This can cause burns, premature aging and skin cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to use sunscreen, appropriate clothing, a hat and sunglasses, and to avoid peak sun hours.

Sunbathing and contact with nature make us feel good.

Getting out into nature with friends is a boost of energy and vitality that you should practice more often. (Pexels)

Create a good social network

In the so-called Blue Zones, the oldest regions of the planet, it has been proven that daily human contact with family, friends and neighbors This is the key to living longer in great shape and with an enviable level of well-being.

Establishing emotional bonds of trust, respect and mutual support allows us to feel more accompanied, valued and loved, this automatically increases our self-esteem as well as our security. This network allows us to exchange experiences, opinions, advice, resources… and offers us emotional support that helps us cope with difficulties or losses that we may face in our lives.

Participate in activities that involve interaction with a large number of people, such as dance, walking, yoga, chess, cooking or reading groups what do you like the most! Strengthen connections with friends and neighbors, and take care of family relationships. This will help you develop communication, empathy, assertiveness and collaboration skills that help us feel better about ourselves and help us develop a sense of belonging.

Are you going to write this down? habits to be happier on your list of resolutions this year?

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