5 haircuts for women, which help subtract years

Although we are all beautiful at any age, it is true that many would like to look younger, in this sense, the ‘hair’ plays a fundamental role, this can be a great ally or a huge nemesis, therefore, we present five cuts of hair for women, which help subtract years.

These haircuts are based on the recommendations of the hair and beauty experts largest in the world, such as Kate Youngwho heads the ranking of stylists of hollywood and who has worked for Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Selena Gomezamong other celebrities.

long layers

That’s right, we couldn’t talk about haircuts flattering and that subtract years without mentioning the beloved cut of long layerswhich consists of creating movement to the mane through layers that frame the face and which can be accompanied by a long bangs, Jennifer Aniston is the absolute queen of this style.

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Bob for curly hair

We know that finding a suitable haircut for curly manes It is a complicated task, but we assure you that you will love this style, a Bob it will make your image look fresh, young and your amazing hair, with a good hair routine you will look so young, that there will even be those who think that you resorted to some aesthetic method.

Bob with bangs

This is a recommendation of haircuts for those women who have not very abundant hair, so fine hair and who want to give a new look to their picture with a cut that provides movement, accentuates smooth, symmetrical featuresso it is excellent to subtract a few years.


One of the favorite cuts of the stylists at the time of rejuvenate image of her clients, which follows a straight line along the jaw, in this one, it is recommended not to decorate it with bangs or layers, simply leave it with the natural fall of your hair. maneas the beautiful Michelle Williams looks today.

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Anti-aging haircuts

butterfly cut

How not to talk about the haircut that he popularized Jennifer Lopez and that the social media They have been in charge of spreading, this hair style knows no age, but it is one of the best when you want subtract years from your imagewith their layers and bangs that you perfectly frame and illuminate the face.

Long and straight hair

Contrary to what many believe, the long hair and straight lines do not add years to your appearance, on the contrary, they rejuvenate it, as long as the haircut this well done, as well as well-groomed hair. With this style, you can play by wearing it in an unforgiving straight to the cher or, give it movement with some loose waves.

asymmetrical pixie

This haircut can make you look very modern, it is about the classic short hairbut with degrafiled at the tips, which will give that asymmetric style that we are looking for, in turn, will provide the illusion of being capable and you can even play with the texture of your hair.

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