5 supermarket spices to add to your breakfast coffee to improve memory and lose weight

You will agree with me if I tell you that the first coffee of the day, the one that is accompanied by a nutritious and delicious breakfast, is the most anticipated, the one that we like the most. Its intense taste energy boost to start the day. By now you already know all the benefits of coffee: it helps us stay awake and focused, it is the most famous and appreciated, but what if we told you that these benefits can be enhanced and added to other benefits such as weight loss? There are some spices, 5 in particular, that manage to multiply these benefits.

You may never have imagined adding any of the spices you have in your pantry to your coffee. There are those who will associate this combination with the “magic potions” that we all (or almost all) once made as children from leftover food. However, this is far from a hobby, but a mixture that is supported by doctors such as Dr. Brandon Crawford, a neurologist who claims that cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and black pepper They go beyond seasonings to enhance the taste of various dishes and desserts.

This is not so strange if we consider that infusions of cinnamon, turmeric or ginger are sold in supermarkets and that they are consumed by many people who want to watch their diet. for the purpose of losing weight, lowering blood sugar levels or caring for the skin from the inside outamong the others.

If you are not a fan of infusions, feel free to add any of these spices to your coffee. Try it. You will benefit from all the properties of coffee and spices. and you may be amazed by the taste.

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