5 ways to get it through quickly

This is a problem that can annoy you for hours and, sometimes, even days. So here are 5 ways to make the headache go away

Half of the world population suffers from headache: a fact that makes it one of the most widespread pathologies ever. It is a condition that could also become very worrying if it is a headache chronic.


There are, in fact, those who manage to to retrieve very quickly by this pathology and who, on the other hand, is haunted by this problem, which could last for many hours or even for whole days. Precisely for this, we want to show you 5 effective ways to make the headache go away.

Here are 5 ways to make the headache go away

As we have said, headache is one of the pathologies most popular absolutely and many suffer from it in a particular way. However, there are some simple ones techniques to intervene successfully and solve the problem. Here you are 5 ways to make the headache go away.

The first way it is useful for treating the most frequent headache, that behind the eyes. Often it is due to an accumulation d catarrh or represents the symptoms of one sinusitis. You can try to do pressure at the base of the forehead at the eyebrows on both sides. Try to make the pressure last for approx 20 or 30 seconds, repeating the movement several times during the day;

There is a according to method, this time useful for headaches at the base of the skull. In this case it is possible rest both hands on the affected area, massaging the occiput gently, using circular movements. Apply light pressure and continue for a few minutes;


The third method is quite effective for the classic headache on the temples. Try to massage gently where there are dimples on the sides of the skull. Proceed with circular movements slowly, for a few minutes;

A further method is what it consists of breathing which comes from practice yoga. The moment you get hit by the headache, try to breathe deeply for a few moments, doing so. only with the left nostril;

The fifth and last method consists in a further one breathing exercise. Specifically, try to keep the closed eyes, stand straight with your back and try to relax. Do then 4 normal breaths, 1 full-breasted4 additional normal breaths, 1 full chest, 4 normal breaths, 1 full chest, 4 normal breaths and one last full chest.

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