Aragon Brigade general describes relatives of soldiers heading to Lebanon as “true heroes”

He General of the Aragon Brigade, Guillermo García del Barriohas launched a very emotional speech for families The farewell ceremony held at the San Jorge base described the 670 soldiers leaving for the Lebanon mission as follows:“True Hero.” These soldiers of the Aragon Brigade will spend six months in between May and November.

“We know very well, because we see it day after day, that in the normal development of our daily work as soldiers it is you who suffer our absence, our services, our exercises, but it is This makes you a true support, a true hero of all of us when it comes to developing missions abroad.“, he told relatives, who applauded the soldiers in the parade in front of the head of the Aragon Brigade.

Faced with this situation, where he acknowledged that the security situation in Gaza and Israel has deteriorated, “the instability of the region is increasing and makes this United Nations mission more important than ever,” acknowledged the Cadiz general. That “prolonged absence” adds to the concern that is greater than ever for our safety on this occasion.”

message of peace

“As the next General Chief of the Lebanon XLI Brigade, I want to tell you message of peace“, he said sharply. “This is exactly what I have received from our colleagues currently deployed in the region (the Extremadura Brigade and General Pablo Gómez Llera, who spent six months on the Blue Line). But also the entire chain of command , From Ministry of Defence Until the last of the owners, passing through Operational Command and Army Headquarters,

In a speech so dedicated to this objective, which was unusual for those heard in Aragon units, General García del Barrio insisted that they would carry out the mission without any doubt, and that this would be the first thing. “But the message I want to give you is that we will follow through, Always giving priority to the safety and security of the force. The safety of all the components of this team is before you today. You can rest assured about that because it will be my permanent concern,” he declared.

He also assured “dear family members” that “no one will be left alone here.”The military family, the family of the Aragon Brigade is still at your disposal”, provides them assistance in any situation that may arise during the six months of the mission. In fact, the general has informed them that colleagues from each unit have been designated to receive requests from families of soldiers deployed to or guidance” they need,

To conclude this unique speech the head of the Aragon Brigade has asked Virgin of Pilar In this mission to keep the army under his protection, as well as the Virgin queen of peace, patron saint of guard, lady of aparecidaQueen and Patron brazil, still Virgin of Lujanpatron saint of argentina (In reference to the 60 soldiers from these three countries who join the 610 of the Aragon Brigade and several Spanish units).

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