6 Japanese Habits That Will Inspire Your Happiness, Health, and Prosperity

Although all that glitters is not gold in Japan, there is a vision of the world and traditions that allow many to improve their lives. healthy and filling.

The healthy habits of the Japanese have their origins in ancient times and a vision of the world that prioritizes inner peace and harmony with the environment and with other people.

1. Shinrin-yoku

To find peace and restore strength, the Japanese perform shinrin-yoku – “forest bathing”. It consists of immersing yourself in the forest for several hours, leave your usual worries and enjoy everything that comes to you through your senses.

Being in the forest, where you breathe in the environment with all your senses, has a restorative effect on the body and mind because a person experiences “biophilia” it is a tendency to connect with the natural environment, with animals and plants, because in their society we have evolved over millions of years.

happiness hormoneshappiness hormones

The scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits of this popular healing ceremony include: reduced stress, better sleep, increased concentration and creativity, physical recovery, immune regulation and overall happiness.

To practice Shinrin-yoku, you simply need to go to the forest (or park) and follow the steps that we will explain in the section How to take a forest bath?


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