6 new games have been announced for Nintendo Switch, including new Puzzle Bobble and more

again the list of upcoming Nintendo Switch releases it has recently been updated with new games that are on their way to the console. Here we bring you several that have been confirmed today.

Games for Nintendo Switch

As on previous occasions, in the list that we leave you below you can take a look at the games along with their release date, price and details:

  • Backpack Twins – Now available for €11.99

Backpack Twins is a tough but fair single player puzzle platformer… with a twist! Control both twins by swapping them and have them work together to solve environmental puzzles, get ahead, and stay alive!

  • Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior – January 12, 2023

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior is a new fighting game with complete freedom. Players will have the opportunity to customize their own fighter, from appearance to fighting moves. Build your own STEEL Fighter now!

  • Metal Black S-Tribute – February 2, 2023, at least on PC. It is unknown if it will arrive on the same date on Switch

Metal Black is a 2D game that Taito originally released as a side-scrolling arcade shooter in 1991. This game is a reproduction of the home console version released by Bing in 1996.

  • Puzzle Bobble 2X / Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition & Puzzle Bobble 3 / Bust-A-Move 3 S-Tribute – February 2, 2023

Puzzle Bobble is a series of puzzle games in which the player shoots bubbles from the bottom of the screen and the bubbles pop when three or more of the same color stick together. The player completes each phase when he meets the conditions for that phase. The highest points are scored when many bubbles are dropped at once or when bubbles are popped by shooting them and bouncing them off walls.

  • Sang: The Desert Blade – Without date

Sang: The Desert Blade it’s a game of vertical action role inspired by Dark Souls, secret of mana Y The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where you explore, fight, overcome challenges and defeat terrifying bosses in the unforgiving world of Zemsluna.Play like blooda african wild dog who is looking for his long lost relative.

Finally, it has been confirmed that Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer: Nightmare Feast It’s coming to Nintendo Switch, but we don’t have a date or details. We only know that it will tell an original story from the Goblin Slayer manga and anime and that it will be playable in English and Japanese.


What do you think? Does any catch your attention for the Nintendo Switch eShop? Do not hesitate to leave it below in the comments.


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