6 things you can do with your Chromecast and you didn’t know

As we say, the Google Chromecast is a small and extremely simple device, but it is full of possibilities. Just connect it through HDMI we can “revive” an old television that lacks the possibilities offered by a Smart TV, but of course it is also useful with any recent model. With these 6 curious things you can make your Chromecast an off-road device and even enjoy some pretty party activity with friends.

Change the wallpaper as you like

We are going to start with a very simple thing to do with our Chromecast, but that not everyone knows. You already know that when we have the Chromecast connected to our television and we are not doing anything with it, we will see a wallpaper that rotates. The quality of these images is unquestionable, but did you know that this can be customized?

chromecast wallpaper

To do this, all we need is to have our Chromecast configured on our WiFi network and a mobile device on the same network with Google Home installed. Once inside the application, all we have to do is look for our Chromecast, click on it and choose the option that we have at the bottom of the screen «Edit ambient mode«.

Your Chromecast, a karaoke?

We already know that a television is perfect for broadcasting all kinds of content on it when we have visitors at home, and thanks to Chromecast we can also use it to have a good time singing.


Applications like Musixmatch allow us to synchronize with the Chromecast the lyrics of the songs that are playing on it. Don’t expect this app to keep score or somehow record how well or poorly you do, but it’s definitely a fun option.

Musixmatch - Music Player Lyrics
Musixmatch - Music Player Lyrics

Use it as a game console

If you really like video games, but you don’t have access to a console, or you simply prefer to play comfortably with your smartphone, we have the possibility of using our Chromecast to play on TV.

selection chromecast games

In the Google Play Store we can find an entire video game section that allow us to broadcast the game to the screen through our Chromecast. We have all kinds of options available, among which there is something for all tastes.

Perfect for your presentations

Televisions are a great framework to be able to view slideshows and to be able to share them with others or to do a rehearsal before jumping on stage with her. Thanks to Chromecast we can review them without any more problem than broadcasting them to TV.

Google Slides

To do this, all we have to do is use the Google application called «Google Slides«, a free tool very similar to PowerPoint and that we can enjoy like others from the company such as Google Drive.

Radio is also possible on your Chromecast

If you really enjoy listening radio or podcast stations on your mobile device or on your computer, you should know that you also have the possibility to do it comfortably on your television through Chromecast.

chromecast tuneinradio

Some great apps like TuneInRadio either iVoox They allow you to easily broadcast your content to television, and they are not the only ones. Others like Spotify also allow it, so you can listen to everything on your TV thanks to the Google device.

TuneIn Radio: music, fm radio
TuneIn Radio: music, fm radio

A touch board on your television

One last great thing to do with our Chromecast is going to delight the little ones. Thanks to some applications we can use our mobile as if it were a blackboard, and of course see everything we paint on tv via Chromecast.

Drawparty for Chromecast

There are some free options that work very well within the Google Play Store, but we are left with DrawParty. This application, in fact, is designed precisely for the Chromecast, so it is undoubtedly the best option available.

DrawParty for Chromecast
DrawParty for Chromecast

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