60% of jobs will change forever

AI is improving rapidly

IMF warns about Artificial Intelligence: 60% of jobs will be changed forever
At present, AI has become an accumulation of concerns for many fields

In recent years, many people have warned about the possibility that there are professions that are about to disappear, something like Bill Gates has already warned about and this is something that the developers behind GPT-4 have focused on. It has also been discussed within the company OpenAI. So far, there have been companies that eliminated entire teams and replaced them with AI, but they were in the minority.

Now, it seems that a report from the International Monetary Fund once again raises the possibility that these are not mere speculations, but may soon become fact. Although the possibilities that AI can offer are high, everything indicates that the risks are also high, starting with the copyright violations that OpenAI has tacitly acknowledged and ending with jobs that disappear with each advance. Are close to happening.

world of changes

The world that AI creates in its wake is founded by? continuous and revolutionary change The way humans work. It is clear from the study conducted by IMF that 60% of jobs are going to have very different developments Due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Within this percentage, about half they will be negatively exposed, That is, they may disappear or evolve in such a way that the number of people working on them will remain negligible. Meanwhile, the jobs of the other half may be affected will have significant benefits Of this change. However, this is still a very negative message to workers who may be involved most sensitive area To be negatively affected.

On the other hand, 40% of jobs in emerging economies will also see this impact and only 26% of jobs in the worst-hit economies will see this change.

Among the most affected demographic groups, we find ourselves in first place elderly people, whose recycling process will be difficult and they may be at risk of being fired from their jobs. On the other hand, the jobs most affected are be occupied by women And in general all that is required University studies,

One of the points the IMF tries to elaborate on is who will be most privileged by technological change and everything points to this highest income They will be the ones who will continue to accumulate more capital thanks to these technologies. On the other hand, people with low incomes may eventually be locked out of professional fields in which they have gained expertise over years.

In short:

  • The emergence of AI will clearly impact work.
  • According to the IMF, 60% of jobs in the most developed economies on the planet will be affected.
  • Within this 60%, about half of the people will see the change as negative, while the other half will see the change as positive.
  • The impact of AI will have the greatest impact on older people and women, as well as those with a university education in general.
  • This may impact the widening economic gap between the upper classes and the lower and middle classes.

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