68 suspects who attacked an Ecuadorian hospital to save an injured man were arrested

total of 68 armed men Stayed taken into custody After attacking the Yaguachi public hospital in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. The detainees were trying to rescue a member of an organized gang The injured were transferred to this hospitalBut ultimately he died.

Several military and police personnel, including special forces units, traveled to the scene. Upon arrival, they intervened in the area and at a nearby clandestine detoxification center and arrested the suspects.

“We killed alleged terrorists who were trying to take over the facilities of a health home in Yaguachi, Guayas, in order to rescue a member of their organization, the same person who was found as a wounded man in the early hours of the morning. Was admitted,” police reported on his social network account X, formerly Twitter.

In the publication they have attached a video in which you can watch Twenty men, in underwear, Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head. In another image you can see how people, with their hands tied behind their backs, board a bus guarded by police.

there was one in the area Criminal Group Command Center and a brothel, according to Julio Camacho, chief of Police Zone 5. At the scene they found firearms, drugs, minors and a camera system monitoring activities in the area.

“All evidence and those arrested were brought to the attention of the prosecutor’s office for appropriate processing,” he said. Many relatives tried to avoid arrest of the suspects, who were transferred to Cuartel Modelo in Guayaquil.

Wave of violence in Ecuador

arrests occur after a Wave of attacks and violent actions In Ecuador, crimes attributed to these groups include kidnappings of police officers, assassinations, explosive devices, burning of vehicles, etc. prison riots, Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa has identified organized crime gangs as terrorist groups and belligerent non-state actors that are to be neutralized by the armed forces, who are now in charge of the country’s security.

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