7 hairstyles with open bangs ideal for each type of hair

One of the best options to renew a mane without cutting it is adding a fringe. And when it comes to choosing between the various types (straight, baby bang, full…) there is a clear winner: the open bangs, also known as curtain bangs. It is a fringe long and open down the middle that is combed sideways. It is a very easy fringe to integrate into the hair and is the most recommended by stylists for long hair.

according to Gema Eguiluz, senior stylist at IN-Viso salon, “open bangs are the most flattering, whatever your face and whatever your hair type. It’s also perfect for all the people who have never cut their bangs before and want to experience a change.” It can be worn with straight, wavy or curly hair. And it looks good whether you prefer to leave your hair loose, or if you prefer to pick it up.

“The open fringe looks very good with the free hair, but it also goes very well with different updos such as pigtails or low buns because the longest part remains as a strand, a winning effect that also gives fluidity. It is very comfortable to style and is ideal for those who have little time and need great results with little effort,” says Raquel Saiz, director of Saln Blue.

To show you how versatile the open fringe is, here you have 7 hairstyles ideals.

Open bangs with bob

Lucy Boynton with open bangs and bob.

Lucy Boynton with open bangs and bob.gtres

Although, as we have told you, the open fringe is the most suitable for long hair, it also looks good on the bob cut. Actress Lucy Boynton wears it with a semi-collected bob and undone waves.

Open bangs with midi hair

Ana de Armas with open bangs and midi hair.

Ana de Armas with open bangs and midi hair.gtres

The midi hair, the most classic and elegant, the one that favors all ages, also admits an open fringe. It is a way to give a more modern touch to this haircut. Ana de Armas, who is a fan of open bangs, wears it with straight hair.

Open Bangs with Long Wavy Hair

Alexa Chung with open bangs and long hair.

Alexa Chung with open bangs and long hair.gtres

The curtain fringe is very flattering wavy hair and you can even wear curly hair. Its boho chic air looks great with these hair textures. Alexa Chung is another celebrity who relies on the power of open bangs to achieve a modern and chic look.

Open bangs with collected

White His

Blanca Surez with open and collected bangs.gtres

Another of the hairstyles that looks great with open bangs is a collected low. The fringe makes it less serious, and gives it an informal touch that is perfect even for attending an event, as Blanca Surez shows us posing with hers in a photocall.

Open bangs with ponytail

Macarena Garcia

Macarena Garca with open bangs and ponytail.gtres

The open bangs also look great with a ponytail, the simplest hairstyle that you can wear both on a daily basis and on a special occasion. Macarena Garca opts for a smooth open fringe together with a slightly disheveled ponytail.

Open fringe with high bun

Dakota Johnson with open bangs and mo

Dakota Johnson with open bangs and a high bun.gtres

You can even wear your bangs open with moo high like Dakota Johnson. It is a more risky hairstyle, but it is perfect if you want to become the center of attention. The actress has also left some loose side locks to complete her look.

Open fringe with high updo and headband

Sienna Miller with curtain bangs and headband.

Sienna Miller with curtain bangs and headband.gtres

Another striking but very original hairstyle is the one worn by actress Sienna Miller. It is a blunt open fringe that has been adorned with a black velvet headband and a casual high updo.

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