7 secrets of achieving a healthy old age according to medicine

Thinking about your future health is the best investment you can make. Seven Keys to Longevitypublished in article New York Timesshow that almost everything depends on you whether you want to be healthy at 80, 90 or even 100 years old.

According to a recent publication, the scientific director of the US National Institute on Aging, Luigi Ferrucci, stated: “People are looking for a magic pill, and it already exists.“.

From there they appear seven recommendations on how to become healthy and happy seniors.

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7 tips for longevity

1- Move more: the exercise is ideal for reduce the risk of premature deathand also takes care of the heart and strengthens muscles to prevent falls in older adults.

2- Eat more fruits and vegetables: It is ideal to eat fresh foods and a varied diet. Although experts do not recommend diet In particular, it is highly recommended Mediterranean.

3- Get some sleepAccording to Alison Moore, professor of medicine and director of the department of geriatrics, gerontology and palliative care at the University of California, people need more sleep as they age.

Sleep well – a good way to stay healthy

4- Don’t smoke or drink too much alcohol: He tobacco is absolutely harmful for health and, regarding alcohol consumption, Women are not recommended to take more than one drink per day. and more than two in men.

5- Treat chronic illnesses: need to follow your doctor’s advice even with the slightest problems. Visiting a doctor whenever we feel anxious about our health can help us take care of our body.

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6- Prioritize social relationships: links are very important for fight loneliness and isolationwhich, according to experts, are as harmful as tobacco and alcohol.

7- Keep a positive attitude: optimistic people They tend to keep some of the habits mentioned above more ingrained.like exercise.


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