A 15-second sequence in which Chuameni squeezes Joselu to help Güler: “Arda, Arda!” | Relief

Relay team

He had only been on the grass for eleven minutes when Yan Couto knocked out Arda Guler inside the box after some good individual play. Martinez Munuera whistled for penaltyYou. It was the 88th minute, Girona conceded and the score became 4-0. A determined Joselu took the ball and threw it in as part of the stands shouted the name of the Turk, who was looking forward to celebrating his first goal for Real Madrid. It wasn’t just the Santiago Bernabeu who tried to convince Joselu to give the ball to Arda. Aurélien Tchouameni also acted as a mediator.

The Day After presented the full sequence this Monday. how the Frenchman tried to help the Turk. As soon as the signal for maximum punishment sounded, Chuameni ran towards Guler, attracting his attention: “Burn, burn!”. His intention was to encourage him to catch the ball and take the penalty. At this moment, he realizes that it is Joselu who has already taken possession of the ball and is responsible for throwing it. The French midfielder approaches the forward and with his gaze tries to persuade him to surrender. But this was not successful. It was 15 seconds that ended with Chuameni smiling when he saw that he had not achieved his goal. Joselu missed.

Guler, who never asked for the maximum punishment, was the first to go to his teammate to encourage him after the mistake. The Galician was upset by his second penalty from eleven meters this season.

At the end of the match, Joselu faced reproaches from a Turkish fan as passionate as he had hoped to see Güler triumph in white. Fans went wild on Instagram. Amid comments of admiration and support, some from his teammates, many others criticized Joselu. “The punishment was yours,” “he is not a role model,” or even “don’t greet him in future” were some of the phrases that could be read in the Turk’s story..

This is not the first time Turkey has taken up arms over Guler. Nico Paz has already experienced the same thing as Joselu after the Arandina-Real Madrid match in the Copa del Rey. Arda made his debut that day and the Spanish-born Argentine was criticized for not giving him the ball. The Turkish Pearl responded to all these situations in a friendly manner, publishing a photo with Nico and hugging the former Espanyol player after missing a penalty.

Relay team

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