A boxer could lose his license after a clash with a spectator who reproached a woman in a cinema in Leon

Boxer a lion He was involved in an altercation that could have jeopardized his athletic career. Antonio Barrul, chosen as the best newcomer of 2023 according to a specialized portal Espaboxwas watching the children’s film “Garfield” at the Leon theater last Thursday afternoon when another patron, a few rows below, began to chide the woman he had gone to the theater with.

According to Leon Digital, Barrul tried to convince the conflicted spectator to stop his aggressive behavior, but he responded with insults. The boxer eventually walked down the stairs and a physical confrontation ensued, with Barrule throwing several punches at his opponent until he was restrained by other people present in the room.

Following the confrontation, Barrule apologized to others present.

Burrul has 5 wins and 0 losses, and the next On May 25, he will have his sixth professional fight., a fight that could take him to the Spanish Championship. However, this weekend’s incident could end his boxing career as a federation professional cannot use his skills outside the ring and could even lose his license.

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