A bull escaped from its owners and paralyzed the streets (video)

video record

Drivers and pedestrians on Bella Vista Avenue in Maturin experienced a few minutes of terror this Friday afternoon, when a bull named “Colorao” traveled several kilometers on the important road after escaping from his owner’s house.

By: El Periodico de Monagas

It turned out that the animal’s owner had tied it with a rope in his residence on the avenue near Alto Guri when it suddenly ran towards the busy road and decided to go for a walk.

The roadway was blocked for a few minutes, drivers panicked in fear of being attacked by an animal and decided to park, while traders and pedestrians locked themselves inside the premises of the area.

A group of brave drivers took out some ropes from his suitcase and managed to catch him with the help of his owner. Despite seeming ridiculous, the situation was also reported to police authorities due to the risk of this incident.

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