A cholesterol-lowering, artery-clearing superfood recommended for women over 50, this is the ultimate breakfast.

Grains, these natural foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats and proteins, They offer a complete combination of essential nutrients to support vitality and well-being in your daily life. They also play a critical role in promoting arterial health and improving circulation.

Today we highlight the role we played one of those cereals that is becoming increasingly popular in Spanish breakfasts. This grain is essential for lowering blood pressure, keeping our arteries clean and benefiting women’s health. Do you know what we’re talking about?

Cereals that lower cholesterol and help clear arteries

As explained Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)recommended to use six or more servings of oatmeal per day. Cause? Oats It’s a top-notch nutritional treasure thanks to its abundance of fibre, B vitamin content and richness in essential minerals such as iron and magnesium. However, its most notable feature is its ability to lower cholesterol and promote cardiovascular health.

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