“A completely unpredictable and incomprehensible turn” faced by Adèle Haenel and Bruno Dumont la Degomme.

This is a strong period of the current Berlinale. Parmi at the competition of various films, with respect. L’EmpireThe new full-length film by Bruno Dumont arouses curiosity. I presented a mixture star Wars and etc. Custard soup, This sci-fi work Tournée dans les Hauts-de-France resembles a UFO.

Objet étrange et Singulier, L’Empire ne rentre dans aucune case, comme le reste de la Filmography by Bruno Dumont (L’humanité, Ma Lout, France…). For this new movie you cinéaste a fait appel à plusieurs comédiens confirmed. Fabrice Luchini, Camille Cottin, Lina Khoudri or Anamaria Bartolomei for an encore.

Cancellations in paganila

More art gear needs to be done differently on the road. The time was announced at the casting of Virginie Efira and Lily-Rose Depp ont Finalement dû Décliner due to discrepancies in calendars. But that’s not all. Adele Haenel was at the party. L’Empire aurait dûtre son dernier Film Avant Son Portrait du Cinema.

It’s just like that the comedian does not decide to leave the project as availability explained in a German magazine FAQ : “It’s funny behind this façade that it’s a dark, sexist and racist world that gets protected. The scene is full of expletives about cancel culture and sexual assault. I wanted to discuss with Dumont when you think dialogue is possible. I want you to not do this on purpose. (…) It’s also an intention. “I didn’t want to do this, I didn’t cancel my participation.”

Bruno Dumont: tax on racism

A revival that did not surprise Bruno Dumont. In the columns of the city Telerama, This is the most expressive portrait of Adele Haenel’s project. : “Our future starts with touring in 2021, but all of this has come to light because of Covid. (…) And in 2022 I look back three times again at Adèle Haenel, alors que jusque-là, s’entendeit très bien. She can change the script, which has its own full set of rules, and I’m an accuser, but not a racist, but this is not a white tournament. She was right in thought, but most of all she was wrong, plus d’un à la faire.”

For the implementer, The choice of a comedienne is unclear : “In 2020, he no longer wants to watch movies, most of all politics, most of all he cannot refuse a film. This turn is completely unpredictable and incomprehensible, more deeply combed and with a revolution à tout le monde.” This is what is called a rendezvous.

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