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Ready to return to Genovi? Disney is preparing a triple feature of Princess Evil Elle and Anne Hathaway, who will play the role of Mia.

22 years later, “The Princess Malicious, and two years later a foray into the suite,” “The Princess’s Marriage,” Anne Hathaway plays the car-digging role in the cloud princess Mia Thermopolis.

In November, Hollywood Reporter A three-day unveiling of The Princess Diaries is officially in pre-production at Disney. A project prompted by events that occurred in 2016, most notably in Côte d’Ivoire. Three years later, the return of Princess Genovi is planned as a new project.

On the television plateau Look what’s happeningAnne Hathaway was waiting for me to announce that the stage was ready. “Je veux le faire, Julie (Andrews) veut le faire, Debra Martin Chase, notre Productrice, veut le faire. Nous voulons tous que cela se produise, mais nous ne le ferons que si tout est parfait parce que nous l’aimons autant que vous l’aimez”, announce a comedy.

Produced by Debra Martin Chase and written by Aadritha Mukherjee (Supergirl, Reacher), the long-form film is a compilation of previous opuses and a reboot.

Ann Hataway When the most comedic enthusiasm returns officially for an encore, as a simple recollection of the two premiere films, it is very likely that he will play the role.


Anne Hathaway in the movie “The Princess Wedding”

There is no longer time for Julie Andrews in the rematch, the most famous actress is 88 years old and has not appeared on screen in 2017. His latest role is the heavenly Lady Whistledown in the Netflix series La Chronique des Bridgerton, but more’ The British actress didn’t know what the chronic celebrity was saying.

I adapted Meg Cabot’s novels for young adults. Princess Malgre El I reported 165 million dollars in the world, so muchPrincess Mariage I registered $135 million in international box office receipts.

These two films have accelerated their place of choice in popular culture, maintaining a genuine connection among fans who eagerly attend the triple-flight outing.

After Mean Girls, the adaptation of the Lolita-inspired musical comedy Little Lolita, Previously in Our Halls on January 10th and Freaky Friday Suite Announcement, the cult films of 2000 that look forward to better days last year eux.

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