A forgotten vitamin in Spain that prevents hair loss and fights aging

In Spain, aging and especially hair loss and alopecia are two of the biggest problems in our country. Evidence of this is one of the studies carried out on this topic in 2020, which confirmed that in Spain we are second country in the world with the most cases of alopeciasecond only to the Czech Republic.

In particular, androgenetic alopecia is one of the most common forms of baldness and affects almost half of men and women. up to 10% women. These numbers shouldn’t be cause for concern either, but a good diet rich in nutrients and vitamins can make a difference.

In fact, this was a recent article published by Tua Saude and reviewed by Dr. Alexandra Viana the one who discovered which vitamin is needed to produce one of the most important proteins for preventing aging and hair loss. We’ll tell you what it is.

Protein with the Most Anti-Aging Power

Dehydration of the skin, weakening of hair strands, the appearance of stretch marks, sagging of the face, decreased bone density… All these are clear signs of an inevitable process: aging. Some symptoms of aging that have a common denominator: lack of collagen.

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And from the age of 25, the body experiences significant decline in production this protein and appears in the form of fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.

But this decrease in collagen production not only affects your appearance, but also increases the likelihood of developing diseases such as arthritis or even osteoporosis. The lack of collagen affects the wear and tear of joints, since this protein, among other important functions, plays a crucial role in the formation of cartilage and tendons.

For this reason, it is extremely important to include foods and nutrients in your diet that stimulate collagen production. Knowledge of this process and taking preventive measures from an early age can significantly contribute to maintaining health of skin, hair, joints and bones over time. We will tell you which vitamin should not be missing from your diet for this reason.

Anti-aging vitamin that prevents hair loss.

The vitamin we are talking about is none other than Vitamin C. One of the most important keys to help our body fight the effects of the passage of time as well as other harmful effects like free radicals.

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Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient found in a variety of foods and is soluble in water. Its role as an antioxidant in our body is fundamental as it helps protect cells from damage caused by these free radicals. This is why including foods rich in vitamin C is critical to maintaining optimal health and preventing aging.

As we have seen, this vitamin plays a very important role in the production of collagen, as well as in wound healing and skin health in general, as the Spanish Heart Foundation also points out. And the ability of collagen to maintain elasticity and firmness of the skin contributes to prevent visible signs of agingsuch as wrinkles and fine lines.

But the benefits of vitamin C do not end there. This vitamin also improves the absorption of iron from plant foods, strengthens the immune system and provides additional protection against various diseases.

In the context of hair loss, vitamin C promotes scalp health and strengthens hair folliclesbeing a valuable element for preventing hair loss.

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So we’re not just talking about a nutrient, it’s an important ally in maintaining healthy skin, preventing premature aging and maintaining healthy hair. For all this, by turning on foods rich in vitamin C in our daily diet is a smart strategy for promoting health in many aspects.

Foods rich in vitamin C to prevent aging and hair loss

Vitamin C is presented as a valuable nutrient that can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables that are widely represented in the Spanish Mediterranean diet. Food you can turn into important allies to prevent aging and hair loss.

Among the fruits with the highest vitamin C content we find citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and tangerines. Besides, red and green pepperslike kiwi, add an extra dose of this valuable nutrient.

In the world of vegetables broccoli, strawberries, melon, baked potatoes and tomatoes They are also touted as outstanding sources of vitamin C.

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We cannot ignore the presence of this vitamin in products with special additives and drinks, as well as in food supplements. An option that provides more flexibility when including vitamin C in our daily diet.

If you are already thinking about including them more often in your diet, it is also important to pay attention to the process of preparation and long-term storage of these products, which can also lead to reduce vitamin C content in them.

It is best to opt for gentle cooking methods, for example, steamed or in the oven. Methods that can minimize vitamin loss, although it’s worth noting that many of the most effective sources of vitamin C are best consumed raw.

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