A former Telepizza employee explains why they don’t cut the pizza they send home: this is the reason

You’ve probably encountered this scene before: you’re away from home, somewhere with difficult access to cutlery and dishes, and you order pizza to get by. But when you receive it, you notice an important detail: It doesn’t cut and you don’t have a knife, scissors or anything else to do it.

Now, a former Telepizza employee has revealed the reason why the store doesn’t cut pizza. And there’s more science to it than it seems.

In an interview posted by TikTok user @achero_tattoo, a former employee of the famous restaurant chain explains: “The pizza that comes home is barely cut. “This is intentional.”

“The first pizza I cut for home, I cut it well. And they returned it to us,” he emphasizes, before explaining that if the motorist has some kind of accident or he moves the pizza a little more than he should “Pizza arrives squashed.”

“That’s why they don’t cut the pizza, otherwise we won’t get home. “They’re sorting it out”– he assured.

In the comments, some confirm the words of that employee. “As Pope John’s courier, I agree with him” says one.

Another adds: “They’re only marked because greasy mashed potatoes will come otherwise.” On the other hand, other users have their own theories. “If you cut a pizza and mark the edge, what you say won’t happen,” says another. And another adds: “When I was a kid, I worked as a pizza delivery guy and cut pizza. I think it’s laziness.”

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