a goal from Messias in the final gives hope to the Rossoneri-

from Carlos Passerini, sent to Madrid

A goal in the final of the Brazilian who marks his first goal for the Rossoneri. Liverpool beat Porto and Pioli can still hope for qualification

Not over, not yet. AC Milan is alive and continues to fight to hold onto its Champions League. The man of the night from Madrid what no one expects, Junior Messias, the former delivery boy who three months ago played in Serie B with Crotone and who never would have imagined to experience such an evening as a protagonist, when only a few years ago ago he unloaded packages and played with amateurs. the best thing that ever happened to me he said at the end of the game. His emotion at the end of the game the show within the show. The qualification for the round of 16 remains open, everything will be decided on the last day, on 7 December, when the Liverpool in a game that the Devil can only win. It might not be enough: the Rossoneri must hope for a draw between Porto and Atletico, or in an Atletico victory but with a combination of goals that means that the overall goal difference rewards the Rossoneri in the end. Success in extremis but well deserved, that of Wanda. And that also leaves regrets for what Milan’s path could have been in the Champions League, playing like yesterday also in the two key matches against Porto.

Pioli had played it by choosing at the beginning not Ibrahimovic but a Giroud, at least on paper, fresher and more rested. Choice that was in the air, like that of leaving a bad Leao on the bench and relying on Krunic with the aim of disturbing the start of the Madrilenian game, which has its ignition motor in Koke, with Griezmann and Suarez a golden couple of attack. The Frenchman didn’t even have to play, he was disqualified, but at the very last minute Uefa served him a round. Pioli’s plan works: the Milan excellent, Atletico suffer and suffer. Diaz, very much whistled because he is owned by Real, smells the scent of derby and drives half the defense crazy with his tight and inspired dribbling. The problem missing the solving shot in the last twenty meters: Giroud bloody struggles to get rid of Gimenez’s South American marking. The news of Liverpool’s goal against Porto raises the pace further in the second half, Pioli takes away Giroud sore in the thigh and puts on Ibrahimovic, who recharges Milan with a couple of numbers of his own. But the man of salvation Messias, who with three minutes from the end freezes the 60 thousand of Wanda by beating Oblak on a cross from Kessie.

Waiting for everything to be played for the whole of December 7, to continue hunting for those second rounds that would improve the ranking and bring 10 million into the coffers, now there is to throw body and soul on the championship. On Sunday a Sassuolo arrives in Milan who after the sensational coup in the home of the Juventus he did not win in the next three games. The Devil absolutely needs the three points to raise his head after the four goals scored by Fiorentina and to resume the interrupted race towards the scudetto dream.

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